Gold Coins Diamonds Cheats in Happy Hotel iPhone

When playing happy hotel game, you have to try to get some coins and diamonds with some facilities and decorations to serve visitors

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Coins and diamonds are the main currencies of this game used to buy anything to facilitate your hotel
Finishing tasks and a series of activities that help to promote the game will give you some free diamonds.

In order to get more money, you have to decorate your hotel to attract visitors
To get more visitors attracted, your hotel will need building and upgrading all sorts of facilities inside such as bedroom, restaurant, café, spa and so on.

However building and upgrading facilities to expand the resorts for more space will definitely need gold coins taken from the hotel’s revenue generated from the visitors.

Once getting your hotel facilities well decorated, your hotel will be running on its own, and visitors coming to your hotel will pay you automatically.
So you will simply need to tap on the pop-up coin icons to collect the income and to build your hotel even bigger.

As in the real hotel, there will be functional facilities in the hotel that will make the guests come to generate profits.
For such reasons, there will be several means to boost the gain in the future.

You can focus on decorating the yard to increase the income.
Meanwhile some decorative items such as pillow, soft drink and magazine function in a similar manner will attract and comfort more guests to stay longer in your hotel.

Once getting enough money, you can buy these items with coins, then apply them to the corresponding facilities.

The tour center will also earn you money, if you can organize a tour to other resorts well.
Consequently, you will get the coins as a reward depend on the tour duration.

Serving visitors will be the main point of all hotel in the world
Therefore you must customize your own hotel with bedrooms, spas, vending machines, and more to suit what the guests want

Moreover you can provide your guests with awesome services to keep them happy like decorating your hotel with outstanding and unique furniture, tools, restaurants and lounge

After having such progresses of building the interior and exterior of your hotel, you can now compete in online ranks against the greatest Hotel Masters in the world.

You will be able to see the “visitors” unpacking and packing when they enter and leave the bedroom because this game features quite refined details like a dynamically changing environment.

On the other hand you can find friends through ID or Name through the social features in this game, then follow their status.
In addition you can also visit friends’ resorts and tip them as courtesy through the follow list.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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