How to Get Gold Coins Grenades Fields of Battle on iPhone

In fields of battle game, you will have several options when customizing your character with helmets, outfits, and skin tone with cash that you can earn through the competition

fields of battle tips

There will be a customizable weaponry to apply in the battle such as automatic, burst mode, clip-fed, MilSim, speedball markers, and paint grenades to bomb enemies in one time

After customizing your character, you can participate in a persistent online competitive world into an online multiplayer game.
To get more fun during the play, you will be allowed to change weather such as playing in the sun, the rain, fog, and wind.

In addition, winning each battle in this game will give you some rewards including gold coins that you can use to upgrade your weapon or to purchase ammo and gears such as paintball guns, magazines, and air canisters.
By having those gears, you can manage them, use cover, adjust for windage, and angle your shots during in the battle.

With coins you have got through the play, you can enter more than 60 fields to do battle in, some real and some fantasy.
Every field contains numerous buildings and obstacles that will make you cover while staying alert of the incoming enemies.
In order to eliminate enemies is pretty easy as you have to shoot them in one hit as it is caused by a delayed respawn.

The intuitive swipe gestures in this game will lead you to slide into cover, duck, stand, and zoom in or out.
Additionally, the device’s gyroscope will be useful to aim and lean left and right to shoot from behind cover in which it will be more effective while hiding and shooting in one time.

You just simply swipe on the left side to move forward and backwards, strafe to the left or strafe to the right.
You can also look up by turning your phone and down or side to side or anywhere.

Avoid the grenade button unless you intend to use grenades, or you will go to the store every time you accidentally tap it.
Refill the ammo with the reload button in the bottom center of the screen.
And your fire buttons is in the red lines on the bottom and everywhere on the right side other than that, allows you to aim and turn the gun.

You will do all action with your solid team in that it will be easier to complete the goal that is to emerge with your team being the victorious one.
To level up fast, you will have to play in as many games so that the more levels that you reach, the more equipment that you can unlock including better outfit and better guns.
As a result, it will allow you to move faster and shoot better compared to the equipment that you start off with.

When you are far away from the opponents, you can zoom in on enemy players that will be usually denoted with the red marker above their heads.
Once getting them in the shooting range, you can adjust your aim up by a certain degree depending on how far away they are.

Remember to watch every paintball to determine how much they are dropping, then use that to aim at the enemy.
By doing so, you will save your ammo and you will get effectiveness when shooting in long range

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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