Gold Commodity Rubies Cheats Goodfolks iPhone

In goodfolks game, you are challenged of bringing a desolate village back to life.
And all folks will be coming to this village looking for a nice place to live and work.

Goodfolks on iPhone

So join goodfolks to make a house with all things needed to live your life in the village.
You must build fields, orchards, and corrals for livestock surrounding your house and also help the folks organize work as their god-hand.
Everyday you have to cook meals with ingredients you harvested, milked, or pet caught in the village.

In this an old-fashioned real-time game you will not need to worry about your plants withering when you are vacuum of playing it.
On another word your plants will keep growing even if you close the app

Just plant something in the filed as you can eat only what you harvested, milked or fished. Some of the produced things will also be needed for the fields, orchards.

So just build up a good working system for your village in order to have a supply to harvest for your daily need.

In order to get more gold and commodities in goodfolks game, you must send labourers to work in your field for helping you produce some commodities.
By doing so you will get more commodities such as gold, vegetables, grain, milk, fruits, wool and much more.

Try to have various farm animals to produce eggs, milk, wool and manure.
Restore the village with its surroundings and collect all breeds and feed them everyday.

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