Gold Eggs Stars Cheats in Dash and Bash on iPhone

In dash and bash game, you must try to get your champion in all the races to earn gold trophy and stars so that you can unlock more new levels

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All you have to do is simply to race then collect stars, trophies and gold used to unlock more stages and upgrade Dash abilities.

On the other side, as making some progresses through the game you can unlock some cool new worlds, new characters, obstacles and power ups needed to win the race.

Once getting 3 stars on a track, you can unlock VS BASH mode in which you can race the entire track at top speed against Bash.
So try defeating Bash in any race tracks to win all 5 golden eggs and to win the chapter’s gold trophy

You will control a duck named Dash who will race against a beaver named Bash, for the champion of being the fastest creature in the land.

However, during the race, Bash will do any other ways to set up obstacles for Dash along the way and make the object of the game to navigate Dash through environments fraught with danger as quickly as possible.

As being the best runners, Dash will run, swim or even fly to win the race along the tracks
And you can control Dash’s position on the screen by tapping the top half of the screen to fly and the bottom half to dive underwater.

Then try to move Dash around on screen in order to avoid Bash’s obstacles and collect enough “speed up” fruit to score a good enough time to move on to the next stage.

Along the race, Bash and his friends have filled the race tracks with a range of dangerous obstacles.
For such reason, try to learn controls in a quick time then tap to make Dash swim, fly, dive and shoot through a range of obstacles that can slow him along the race tracks.

In making a good progress, you can eat juicy fruit to speed up until Dash reaches top speed and transforms into Super Dash in which it will make you to avoid obstacles much easier

Once getting enough gold from every race you have won, you can use it to purchase wide range of outfits and to upgrade abilities as well as your appearance.

Afterward, you can then continue racing through 5 chapters with 25 race tracks while collecting a bonus zombie duck outfit then meet friends and foe that will impact on your race time.

Try to unlock series of comic that will give the story of the championship so that you can also unlock race mode “VS BASH” and master the tracks to become the new champion of this game.

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