How to Collect Gold Latinum Elite Cards in Star Trek Rivals iPhone

In star trek rivals game, you must try to accomplish every goal to get credit cash and new cards collection
Then, you must upgrade cards to battle with your friends or random opponents to get a victory in this game.

star trek rival rare cards tips

Winning each battle will earn you Credits and Experience for new cards and bonus rewards so that you can have more chances of using those cards in the battle.

Meanwhile, you can try collecting the cards printed with the characters, creatures and starships in Star Trek in that the number values and color rarity of those cards are determined by all Standard Bronze cards are between 14-16 points then the power jumps up to at least 21 for Silver cards.
Moreover, getting most elite cards will add +2 points to the overall Standard values.

There will be over 100 cards to collect which are based on characters, aliens, and starships and you can upgrade them with enough extras and cash you got through the game.

You can also upgrade cards to stronger “Elite” versions whereby it is the powerful cards that will provide the opportunity for an advantage.
With having Federation Credits, you can buy packs of new cards while collecting XP to increase your level and earn gold-pressed Latinum rewards

The cards battle means a 3X3 grid and a bunch of cards with a number on each of their four sides.
The rule is simple as you have to place a card next to a rival’s, so that it will have the higher number between the two touching sides, and that card is converted to the other side.

Thus the overall goal of each battle is to have dominion over more cards than the opposition by the time the grid is full.
In order to win it, you can strategically place cards so that they either block an opponent’s attempts at assimilation or take over their cards directly.

For such reasons, you can spend 5 Latinum to get a mulligan and to reveal two cards to defend against the final card that your opponent will play.
Just do that trick, even before the opponents have taken their first turn, to reveal their entire hand and beat your rival.

In addition there will be no unbeatable cards, such as Decalithium Red Matter which has a combined total of more than 32 points across all four points.
And it will be vulnerable to a 10 from any side whereby some mid-level opponents will come to be a game-winner unless they are left with no combo abilities on two sides.

Then the other cards are Standard cards are 30 or less but only the Enterprise and Mining Vessel Narada have 32 points in which they are vulnerable to attack from below from anything 6+ side.

This game will allow you to challenge friends or random rivals in turn-based card battles
Each is only allowed a hand of five for a match so that the best “growth strategy” on this game is to form a “Friend Team” of like-minded players while trying to complete as many games as quickly as possible.

By playing against all friends, you will be guaranteed a Cadet Pack every five games
Winning against a friend will give you 300 Credits and 100 XP.

Try to tie against a friend in order to collect 250 Credits and 60 XP.
But when you lose against a friend, you will still earn 200 Credits and 50 XP.

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