Gold Cheats in Dungeon Plunder iPhone

In dungeon plunder game, you will be allowed to pick one among character classes with distinct abilities and playing styles
The rogue with his poison stocked up by matching green vials will use poison to give extra damage and stun opponents.

Dungeon Plunder

The mage give some critical hits and magically ward off extra damage with his mana reserves stay elevated.
The warrior will be attacking with two different weapon icons including a single and double-bladed axe, respectively, doubling his chance to dish out mundane damage.

Afterward you have to get Ditto for shields to increase your defense; hearts to heal you; and gold coins to add jingles to your wallet to purchase anything in this game
There are five reels, and a number of symbols which indicates things like damage, healing, money and defense.

Just spin the reels of the slot machine, select as many as you’d like to hold on to, and re-spin the rest. Two or more of any symbol is a win, with more of whatever it is you matched being granted for each extra symbol.
You will win if the one with hit points left at the end, and the other one retires for good.

Your goal is to get as many matches as you can, and increase the damage you deal, the health you recover, the special ability you charge, etc.
You have to keep your defenses high and play a smart game of slots so that it will make you win the battle to gather loot equipment and gold coins as well.

You have to focus on damage when your health is high, to keep your shields up, to manage your class’s special abilities as well. So tap on a sword and prepare to strike your enemy

When playing this game you will get in a skill points distribution system when you level up and also a legacy rune system that triggers bonuses shared for all your characters.

Your next character will inherit some of your previous swag such as magical items, money and runes which provide level-ups among all your characters and also unlock new character as well.

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