Gold Medals Cheats in Glory of Generals iPhone

In glory of generals game on, your top priority is to accomplish each mission to get more medals as the main currency of this game

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In a common way, you will earn medals as a reward after completing scenarios in each campaign mission
Meanwhile, you can achieve medals accumulation through battles guides your way from soldier to marshal.

Once getting enough medals, you can buy some upgrades and you can also use your rare medals to heal your unit after battling with enemies in the combat zone

On the other side, you can use the in-game currency of medals to purchase big name leaders or you can sell your medals for actual cash.

By doing so you can have the panzer divisions led by Guderian or Zhukov, or you can have such inter-service cooperation of commanding your tanks over to Yamamoto or Hap Arnold.

The Campaign Mode will allow you to get of supportive forces in which you will control multiple units, including infantry and artillery, design their moves and attacks, and eliminate all the opposing troops.

Alongside, you will also manage your bases located right on the battleground
To strengthen your bases, you have to recruit units and produce necessary materials during battles, which allows for a steady supply.

To get more advantages, try to recruit other officers to strengthen force as each officer has its own experience and skill.

Once getting enough cash, simply upgrade 6 military facilities in the headquarters to provide essential supply in the war.

In the beginning of the game, you will either start with the Blitzkrieg and follow German troops on their path through the war or embark with Battle of Dunkirk which will lead the righteous armies of the Allies leading to victory.

The use of battlefield terrains and defense facilities as well as expertise of each unit will give you advantage of having a great squad.

Cutting retreat route or encircling enemy will bring great change to battlefield situation.
Try to deploy land smartly, naval and air force to seize opponent’s key strongholds

You can have maximum performance with armored troop commanded by General Rommel or naval troop by Nimitz and command any officer and his troop in battlefield to battle freely.

This game will allow you to compete with real friends through Wifi and Bluetooth or global players through Game Center in that adoption of Auto-matching tech will greatly improve chances of finding the opponent.

Before going to the battlefield, you will have to prepare any strategies like learning 36 tactical instructions, managing 128 military units spreading out of 37 countries involved in the war
There will be also 300 real and rich terrains that will influence your strategies.

You will also get enforced by 102 world famous generals, 16 military ranks, 4 general assistants that will participate in accomplishing over 60 campaigns in 4 battlefields of World War II and 35 Legion Mode campaigns.

During in the battle, you will not only need to eliminate all enemies, but you also have to move upwards or downwards to deal with your own alliances to plan for a victory.

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