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Lines the Game made by Gamious is a kind of an abstract ‘zen’ game experience where all you will do is to place or remove dots to start a colorful race that will create a form of something.

lines the game walkthrough ios android

Here, the color that dominates the race will win, whereby you can then win a level several times in a row to set a winning streak and earn trophies.

Along the game, you will be served with amount of 250 unique puzzle levels.
Besides, you will also be able to play in various game modes such as Point, Eraser, Rope, Knife, and Mix mode.

In other words, this game is a kind of puzzle game, where every level will present you with a simple picture consisting lines.
You will see various colored dots on these lines, and your main goal is to manipulate the dots then make sure your color will cover more of the picture than the other colors do.

When playing in Point mode, you will be tasked to place a dot or a series of dots anywhere along the lines of the image
Here, you can complete a sort of race’ starts between the different colors.

Every dot will expand outward along the lines at the same pace, so that all of the lines can be filled in.

You will see your color indicated at the edges of the screen
In line with this, as long as there is more of that color than any other, you will win that will reward you with trophies.

To complete your main objective, just choose where to place your dot, where you can place it at an intersection that will make your color branch out in more directions
Or, you can stick a dot next to an enemy dot to cut it off early

When playing in Eraser mode, you will simply subtract dots instead of adding them
And, in Rope mode, you will merely join sections of lines together
In Knife mode, all you will do is to add gaps to keep colors from spreading
Meanwhile, if you play in Mix mode, you can use different combinations of all the previous abilities.
From all above modes, every mode you unlock will be more fun than the last

Later on, in order to get an access to the other modes, you will have to complete the first 20 puzzles.
Then, after you have unlocked every mode and completed all 250 puzzles, you will go back and get your medals as your achievements

In related to the medals, you will get a bronze medal due to completing a puzzle three times in a row
And, you will get silver for five, and gold for ten.
So, try to complete every row and levels to get gold medals and trophies in this game

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