Gold Nuggets Coins Cheats Cloud Castle iPhone

In cloud castle game, you can ge extra money coins and exp bonus rewards by rebuilding the castle and making your own workshops
Anything that you do will result in having exp or any other item

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All in-game activities will provide you with EXP rewards. As long as you don’t leave empty,
Note that your forges and workshops will keep producing if your coal tank is still filled full

You have also to tap Lord Malicious until he is again driven away if he is spotted near your castle.
To produce certain items will take few times but a master mason will comes out randomly and finish instantly the in-progress production or construction in your designated forge or workshop.
Meanwhile waiting for such progress, you can tap around and spot treasure chests and trees for extra EXP or coin rewards.

In addition the gold nuggets will be the hard currency to earn in which it can be used to bypass wait timers to finish the workshops and forges and purchase premium items for purposes such as decoration or extra rewards.

On the other side you can try to accelerate all production procedures and “finish now” by paying gold nuggets. By having enough gold, you can complete an ongoing quest without reaching the goal it asks.

Whilst rebuilding your castle you will also start new and work towards building the greatest kingdom in all the lands
Building forges and factories will produce swords, armor, jewelry, furniture, and more items to meet the consumption needs of the streaming customers and to lead you in riches then to have gold as the main currency in this game

On the other word, the main objective of this game is to build a kingdom, manage the shop or resource and increase wealth with having new blueprints to create new types of items.

Your forges will produce some valuable items to sell so that you can make money through all items that you sell to ongoing customers
Moreover your workshops and forges floats in the air in the shape of the island with the crew onboard helping you develop your own business

You can tap on the airship marked with the upward arrow so that they will expand airspace for your castle if you run out of building space, non–gratuitously.

Afterward you can choose dozens of forges and to sell items while managing the shop to increase your wealth
Before building new forges and workshop, new blue prints must be discovered so that your forges and workshops will produce new types of items.

After the items have been created, you can tap on the icon to ship them out, and they will become commodities in your store in the floating island
By doing so the customers will be crowded in front of your castle and pick up what they have in mind and pay the coins happily.

As a result coins and gold will come to you while increasing your level to have more new forges and workshops to produce more new items as well
You can invite your friends through Facebook, Twitter, emails and other connectivity to help you amass more riches and build the greatest castles with fully loaded with new items in your forges and workshops
By inviting your friends to join this game, you can send them gifts to assist them in their quests so that they will do the same as you do

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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