Gold Rations Cheats for Steve Jackson`s Sorcery iPhone

In steve jackson`s sorcery game, you must try to get gold and rations during the quests
Here, you will take a role as a lone warrior depleted with stamina meter that will fight against enemies to recover the mysterious Crown of Kings, which is stolen by an evil Archmage who will use its powers to build an army and take over the region.

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By having many enemies to defeat in the combat, you can also collect some gold or rations as the currency to upgrade some items

You will choose your own route across a gorgeous, hand-drawn 3D map and explore a “massively ‘branchy'” storyline to determine your fate at every step of the story.

For such reason, make your choice wisely, change your character and alter the path to make your journey into victory.
During your adventure, you can visit every location, talk to every character, outwit every monster and trap that will be obstacles in this game.

So just drag your hero to start a journey across some maps then mark your next potential destination into dank caves, windswept plains, and leafy forests.

You will also have to decide the strength of your attack from a full-blooded swipe all the way to the right, to a defensive stance on the left when fighting against enemies in the battle.

Every enemy in the game has a unique strategy and weaknesses that you must learn to get your victory and a procedurally-generated writing system describes all the action as it occurs.

Though defending minimizes the damage from an enemy attack, but you will still suffer a slight knock to your stamina.
So you have to learn your foe and read the text descriptions as a clue as to whether he is ready to block or strike.

Each enemy has a unique strategy, so that learn their weaknesses in order to beat them easily.
Every fight becomes part of your story so you must read a unique procedurally-generated writing system that describes the action.

Use swords or axes, you can hurl spells and curses at specific points to fight against monsters in deep sword-duelling mechanic.

On the other side by combining three letters, you can make a force field to deflect projectiles FOF or give slavering hounds a hearty ZAP of electricity.

Once getting money through some battles, you must have a bunch of 50 magical spells that will ready to tap

Your hero will prefer a more physical approach to enjoy the unique, “simple but deep” sword-fighting system in your touchscreen device.

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