Get Gold Seals to Rare Cards in Might and Magic Duel of Champions iPad

In might and magic duel of champions game, you must try to complete the main objectives to earn more gold and seals which are as the main currency of this game

might and magic duels of champions guides

These currency can be collected through the game that you can use to buy booster packs like Void Rising, full decks or big expansion boxes.

Your objective is to bring your opponent hero’s life to zero before your hero is defeated by deploying deploy units, casting spells then collect rewards including Cards, Decks, Boosts, Currency and Tournament tickets.

So select your hero amongst 5 different card types namely unit, event, hero, spell and fortune, build an army with Units, use Spells and Fortunes to defeat your opponents in battles of epic proportions.

The hero you choose will determine what spells you can use and which faction your army hails from and also determine your starting level and life while accessing a specific number of schools of magic.

Each card delivers special powers and opportunities that help you win the game and build your army.
Each army provides at least 1 hero card and 5 event cards that can be growth from 50 to 200 cards when you add your mix of units, spells and fortunes in.

You will get five event cards to the match in that two are chosen and placed on the battleground then choose your events carefully as they can help your opponent as well.

You will get get a deck of cards and an initial hand of randomly dealing with creatures, events, spells, and fortunes to lay out on the grid.

You can also increase resources, play cards from their hand, or utilize special cards in any order and also increase increase your Might or Magic via the Hero card, that is chosen for them initially by the specific deck they pick during setup.

Once getting gold and seals through the battle, you can purchase many more card “packs” and decks to level up in experience, and gain XP for each match.

You will also have your own eight ‘Event’ cards, the board’s final element that you can mix together with two face-up at any time and flipping over between each turn.

It will bring effects from passive buffs such as magic-based monsters getting +1 attack
It also to let you pay resources to draw more cards, or even killing your own creatures.

In addition this game is divided into three sections with a fierce difficulty spike across the final few battles to earn some Seals.

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