Gold Silver Coal Cheats in Micro Miners iPhone

In micro miners game, you can try to climb a hill the miners have to go through these tips
You have to carve a zig-zagging paths upwards from your miners towards the goal.
Note that the cream-colored miners who can hop around the landscape will only can do this.

Micro Miners Cheats

Those cream-colored miners will hop left and right vertically towards the goal and you have remember to dig them a path downwards before they are swallowed up by the top of the screen

You have to make a tunnel for one group of miners to go to their preferred mineral.
When being there and chipping away at the mineral node, block off the tunnel using the construction tool.
By dong so you can carve a new tunnel leading to the new group over the top of the blocked section towards their own mineral deposit.

Simply use your finger to draw paths in the ground.
A tool is available for you to build new paths, trap the miners from falling into lava and separate different types of miners.

You have to be sure that your team of miners arrives at the top-center point of the mineral deposit if the node is small.
From there they will borrow down evenly through the entire thing.

Simply carve out a tunnel the entire length when the mineral deposit is very long horizontally
Before doing this you have to be sure to leave a small gap of dirt between the tunnel and the mineral node.
When the miners spread across the length of this corridor you can swipe away the last layer of dirt to have those miners all tumble on top of the node evenly.

To clear nodes quickly in this game the miners should not approach from the sides or underneath as it will take so long to leap at the last few pixels.
So approach from above then drop them all on top of the mineral.

Placing bombs will have an area-of-effect blast so you have to make sure that the bomb blast will provide access to both sets of miners.
To get three stars on a node in this game is by trying to drop a line of miners on top of it as detailed above.

Afterward build zig-zagging tunnels in order for the hopping miners to approach from both sides and fully demolish the mineral node.h. How to make an endless loop in this game

A space with a platform will be really needed for the hopping miners to do that.
You have to make an unclimbable notch on the side with no wall on it to get those hopping miners kept passing around this loop.
As a result they will turn around and go back towards the wall, then keep hopping onto your platform in an endless loop.

Try not to miss to mine three deposits
Every deposit can be mined more or less thoroughly giving you one to three stars.
The screen scrolls down quite slowly, but you still have to be several steps ahead at all times because the miners are quite slow to move on.

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