Gold Silver Cheats in Avengers Alliance iPhone

In avengers alliance game, you must complete each mission to get gold cash, in which you will play as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. that is the secret peace-keeping organization of the Marvel Universe

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Here, you can also enlist and lead teams of super heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Man with also featuring a cast of more than 40 familiar Marvel super heroes and 180 super villains such as of Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Loki and more.
Then you will unlock super hero allies and abilities, train their teams, and test your heroes skills against the deadliest foes in some missions.

Meanwhile, you will send your heroes off on timed missions to acquire crucial resources or controlling them directly in combat scenarios while having a task of unlocking new characters, abilities, special items, and other goodies as well

And in order to boost your crew’s power, you will need extra money cash both gold and silver so that by having those currencies you will be able to unlock some weapons and outfit for customizing your heroes.

In addition, some multiple in-game currencies including gold, silver, shield points and command points will be necessarily needed to have a weapon or a costume and to purchase every item from the store.

This game will take you on the mission to fight against villains and criminals across the city of New York in that bosses and their minions are causing terror in different districts so that you will have to follow the directions of officers, team up with heroes and clear the villains as soon as possible.

In accomplishing this mission, you will be challenged to embark on over 60 crime-fighting missions, with additional missions and chapters to come.
On the other side, as being S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, you can expect ongoing updates with new missions, storyline, super heroes, upgraded abilities, equipment, weapons and costumes for unlock and purchase.

On the other word, some missions here will pit your posse against an assortment of grunts and popular villains in multi-wave battles, which play directly into the overarching chapter plot structure at each location.

By completing each mission with tactically-minded, you will be granted with some bonuses for carefully pairing your attacks against certain classes.
Moreover, the class system will be convoluted and keeping the track of at first in that you can get by decently simply by delivering whichever attacks suit your whimsy for the most part of each mission.

When going to the battle, you control your team members in turn to inflict damages on enemies or use power-ups in the inventory.
In each turn, only one member can perform on either side and the order is predetermined by the game itself.

When being in this session, you will just click a weapon, or a skill of the hero, then select the attack target so that your hero will deliver the damage automatically.
The chances will vary from one hero to another when dealing critical hits for the enemies in the combat zone.

Your heroes` power will be determined by their equipment and their level.
Once having progress, you will be leveled up so that you can unlock new skill in which those skills are increasingly powerful but also come at increasingly high costs as well.
Note that if you get more advanced your skills, you will inflict more damages for enemies and you will also consume more stamina.

The energy system and stamina system are the ones that will be needed by every hero whereby your heroes spend energy in battling enemies and, without energy, they cannot start battles any more.
Alongside, your heroes will also consume stamina in dealing damages during battles.

Thus once running out of stamina, your hero can no longer launch any attack so that you have to use the stamina boost that can be earned by killing villains through the quests.

In addition, through Facebook, you can ask your friends for specific items in some quests.
In any other way, you will be able to either ask a few friends or spend some gold to cover that items.

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