Gold Stars Cards Cheats in Talisman Prologue HD iPhone

In talisman prologue hd game, all you will do is to try completing quests to get more cards
Early on this game, you will be provided with one quest and choosing one character that is the warrior.

talisman prologue hd guides

Each character will bring a set of special abilities with five quests to be accomplished so that you can unlock a sixth quest later on.

Once finishing the first quest you will unlock a new character’s introduction and some more of the Warrior’s story.

After making some progresses, you can play as an Assassin, a Wizard, a Troll, a Dwarf, or a Prophetess with its own special abilities and stat scores for each of them.

In addition, there will be are straightforward characters like the Warrior, who rolls an extra die when he fights.
And other characters will provide more unusual tricks, such as the Elf’s woods movement or the Prophetess’s ability to sift through adventure cards looking for the ones she wants.

Chasing bandits through the woods and 30 adventure cards will give you tricks to be applied during the play.

Once drawing your cards, you must follow the instructions on the card that will lead you to be fighting a beast, picking up a stash of treasure, or having an encounter with a mysterious stranger while waiting for the right card or die roll.

On the other side, playing in single-player campaigns will allow you to roll dice to move around the outer, middle, and inner regions of the board.

Each space will require you to draw a card or resolve a special effect, leading your hero to encounter monsters, discover friendly followers, and gather treasure in each quest of a magical land

In addition, the board will depict three tracks in which the spaces on the tracks represent hills, cities, werewolf dens, and other exciting locations.

So you will roll a die and move your character along the track, drawing adventure cards to find out what happens in each space.
Remember that some cards provide you loot or followers and other cards are traps or monsters.

Try adding your strength and weapon modifiers to beat the monster’s score of green-skinned goblins, towering giants, and magic spells that might turn you into a toad.

Mastering a character’s quests will give you some points in a scoring system and also teach you which parts of the board are the most profitable for that character to hang around in.

When completing quest, you will need travel between specific points on the game board, defeat certain enemies, or perform a given task pertaining to their character class.

The board in quests is navigated by rolling the die and traveling a number of spaces corresponding to the number shown on the die.

Furthermore, some tiles on the map will need you draw a card from the adventure deck whereby these cards contains items, enemies to fight, followers, or even special events.

And other tiles usually contains the same events, in which you will roll the die yet again to determine your fate.

Certain locations on the map will give you a space to purchase items, healing, transportation across the map, alchemy etc.

Note that the deck of available adventure cards is tailored for each quest in that you have to gain weapons to get gold or weapons from the deck.

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