Get More Gold tCrystals in Faith Wars HD iPhone

In faith wars hd game, you will have to collect gold and free resources with some new buildings you build in your city
In the city hall, you can collect tithes three times daily

faith wars hd tips

Meanwhile the market will also gives revenue of gold
Moreover building the warehouse will give facilitation of storing your four resources such as food, wood, stone and ore
And you can also recruit other heroes to fight at your command in the tavern with gold.

In addition upgrading those buildings in your city will allow you to increase developing speed, get more gold and add to the storing capacity in order to have more resources.
Furthermore building up facilities including farms, forges and quarries outside the city will give you a production of some more resources.

And you will not need labor during the construction and upgrade process so that you will save your money in this way
Simply select an avatar from one of four characters namely priest, paladin, dwarf, or elf, then choose one of your faiths from four God’s favors including earth mother, water nymph, fire maiden and wind born to decide which God’s favor to receive.

In the beginning of the game, you will take a role as he ruler of the city so that you can command forces into combat while fending off the approaching attacks.

During the count-down of peacetime, you will reign and develop your cities while collecting gold and resources and training soldiers to deal with the in-coming attacks from any enemy.

You can lead soldiers by using your leadership points in exchange and go to the borderlands and challenge the raiders and other opponents that will be rated from stage 1 to stage 47 with extra bosses.
So try defeating enemies in challenges to get some trophies.

In order to get a backup in the battle, you are allowed to rent all four types of soldiers from the store using crystals.
Once finishing a quest, you can collect your reward to be added into the inventory.

You can also have a team with friends to fight against enemies in the battle and you will be allowed to intercommunicate with other players by joining an alliance.

During the game, you will find your city on the world map as well as other players’ cities and the greater wilderness.

The world will be marked and divided by squares and you will be able to relocate your city and build up new ones in empty slots.
On the other side, you can send out a squad to march forward to other slots in which your soldiers will take a while for the scouting and to come back again and you do not need to wait up that process while upgrading a wall or do something else.

However if a battle happens during the march, you can view the battle report through email box.
If you win that battle you will collect Merits as a reward

But if you are defeated, your troops will be gone so that you should always view the intending destination before choosing an opponent prudently to send out your troops.

In addition you can claim lands from the wilderness with that marching whereby it will be subordinate to your city.
Once being in the level 3, you can start building new cities in the wilderness of empty slots in order to earn more resources as well.

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