How to Get Gold tCrystals in TinyLegends Monster Crasher on iPhone

In tiny legends monster crasher game, all you will do is to get gold, skills, gears and any valuable items through stages

tiny legends monster crasher tips

Once completing the first stage, you will go to the co-op mode to partner with two other players online to accomplish a quest.

After having the battle in this mode, some stages will be unlocked randomly at the same time that will allow you to choose any one of them to continue your adventure.

Each stage will be in a different location infested with different monsters such as creepy ghosts in the woods, nasty beetles and giants in caves, skeleton warriors and mages in a palace and more, posing a variety of challenges.

So try completing every stage to earn you various rewards, including gears, skills, gold and stones.
The gears will include weapons, armors, helmets and other instrumental items specific to each class of the saviors which can only be upgraded with gold and stones.

As making some progresses you will level up to unlock more skills as well.
In order to win each battle, you have to equip as many skills as possible and keep upgrading your gears with gold.

Try to upgrade gears and learn skills in the pub, then create new heroes and play all the three classes of the saviors at one time.

Just play as a guardian, a berserker or an assassin through the game.
In the guardian, you will be armed with a long sword and a shield, to deliver strong attacks with unbreakable defense.

As the berserker, you will sweep away enemies with a giant blade.
The assassin stands out for his speed and accuracy to hack and slash fast with flexibility in the fighting.

So move your character by tapping on the arrow icons on the left of the screen, and tap the crooked arrow to make him roll, the attack icon to unleash his skills during in the battle zone.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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