Silver Cash Resources Cheats Grepolis iPhone

Just try to complete quest to earn silver cash as the main currency when playing grepolis game
Here, you lead each goal to completion as you will load up on resources, train your troops, attack surrounding villages and you have to avoid getting destroyed when other armies attack you from any direction.

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For such reasons, you will have to build defensive buildings to protect from incoming attack done by other players
To do what you need, you can select between 13 different buildings and 8 monuments to shape your empire in that it will include silver mines, harbors, and timber camps.
Moreover, you can research over 30 different technologies in the Academy of Grepolis.

After starting the game, you will run out of quests to complete in which those quests are a great way to gain resources such as wood, silver, food and stone.

Resources are the main items that you have to get some more needed for your troops
Therefore, you have to avoid upgrading anything else except upgrading the quests that you can spend all of your resources to upgrade your Timber Mine, Silver Mine, Farm and Quarry, then build up resources for having some more.

Furthermore, in order to train your troops, you should have more than enough resources to begin with.
Because of this, you must train your troops faster than other players then you can easily start quickly using other players as resource-farms, attacking them and collecting resources from them.

In the way of gathering more resources, you can demand resources from your subject villages as often as possible, but use the raids sparingly.
However, if you raid too often, your village residents will revolt whereby you need more troops in order to get them back under control.

In addition, in order to gather more resources, you will be allowed to look for abandoned cities out on the map, or cities in which the players who run them have been vacuum around in awhile.

In line with this circumstances, you can attack them as often as possible and use them as supporting resource farms, because they will be easily to be destroyed if they are not getting managed for a while.

Just pray to the god which offers construction and resource production benefits.
Otherwise, do not pray to the ones that offer battle benefits, such as Zeus, until you start actively battling frequently.

And choosing the goddess Hera will help you increase production in your polis and the sea god Poseidon will help you weaken enemy sea powers.
Once praying to the god with construction and resources advantage, you can switch to a battle god, build up your favor, and start using the god’s powers to destroy tougher armies.

Thus, get powerful alliances with other players then draw on the powers of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, and Hades.
In addition, you can also recruit armies on water and land and purchase mythical units, including the Hydra, Pegasus, and Manticore for having great troops.

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