Grub Pixowl for Coins Fruits Cheats on iPhone

In grub snake action game, you will control the grub and protect grub`s friends out of birds and any villain in each level
Here, you must rescue Grub’s best friend from the bird who captured him all while growing stronger and surviving the dangers and perils of life as a worm.

grub snake action tips

Later on, you will go through 15 levels and interact as well as overcoming multiple varied obstacles throughout levels.
Every level in this game offers a different kind of challenge, such as eliminating a certain amount of enemies such as Hedgehogs or Wolves or you will get to collect a given number of Apples.

You will also be given an option to use some power ups such as Spikes or Magnet that will help Grub survive the winding trails of worm life.
At this point, you will get a supply of lives that you will have to use them wisely

In accordance with extra lives, all you have to do is to quit the game, go to the settings of your device and set time by an hour or whatever you need.
When you restart the game again, you will have extra lives for new levels

When playing this game, it will be necessary to focus on upgrading power ups as often as possible, since the upgrade increases the duration of the power-up.

And since you are not playing with hedgehogs just invest your coins in upgrading.
Meanwhile, spikes should be your focus for a long time

When meeting an enemy in this game, try not to hit the hedgehogs as hitting the enemies without the spikes on will make you lose your progress and earn less points per items collected.
Because of this, you must try to avoid them at all costs, even if that means losing some precious seconds in that level.

Most of the levels in the game will give you a time limit so that you have to get as many coins and fruits as possible.
For such reasons, you can try tilting the device harder to make the worm move faster and it will reach its destination faster.
In the mean time, you should only apply this strategy when you have no hedgehogs around or when you have the spikes active.

In addition, making some combos will help you in dealing with villains in this game
Therefore, just go for combos as if you collect more or destroy in a row, you will get more points as bonus reward.
And always stay away from those rotten apples, as they can and will really hurt your score though

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