Gems Cheats Happy Farm Candy Day iPhone

Happy Farm Candy Day is a new farming game, you will be tasked to grow crops, make products, farm and feed animals, and fill orders while gathering either gems or coins as your reward toward what you have done to your own farm.

happy farm candy day tips

In the way of collecting those currencies, you are allowed to set up a roadside stand and sell goods to your friends, and to visitors coming by your farm.

In order to earn a lot of coins, you can try placing random stuff in the store, and mark higher prices for it than you see other players selling it for in the newspaper.

But remember not to mark it up too high, just high enough that will give you a profit at the same time.
In line with this, you can use some items to be put on the store such as bread, feed, beer, etc and crops that take awhile to grow, such as hops and sugarcane as well.

The more friend the more chances for you to sell your items for them
According to this, simply connect to Facebook to play this game, and try to find friends who are playing, because you and your friends can sell goods to each other.

Meanwhile, getting some more diamonds will be a lot easier as you will be given to collect some free gems by gaining experience levels, as well as for completing achievements and animal cards.

For such reasons, try to tap on your house to see what possible achievements you can complete.
Then, you can breed often in order to try to get animal cards, and sell duplicate animals if you need to.

By playing this game daily, it means you will fill out all of the days of a month on the calendar so that always check your daily bonus even if you do not plan on playing that day
As a result, you will get a huge reward for playing this game more often.

However, if you missed out a previous day to play this game, you have to spend two gems to unlock that day in which you will be more to use your gems for something that is not necessary in this game

In addition, if you miss out few days, you will have to be sure to have a ton of gems left in your inventory for taking over each day that you have missed out on each calendar.

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