How to Escape The Room Haunted Halloween on iPhone

In haunted halloween game, you must escape the room in that you can do this by following these steps
Look at the X on the Ground then zoom in the cauldron to get two bats from the jack-o-lanterns near it.

Haunted Halloween Escape Cheats

Go to the right to take the third bat from the window at the right
Zoom in on the middle window and see the flying patterns to solve witch from right to left
ghost from bottom to top
bat from left to right
spider from top to bottom

Zoom out and look on the floor to get a spider when you see it.
Zoom in on the drawers under the window to get bat and knife from the left drawer.

Find the right drawers lock is locked.
In order to unlock the drawer just find the creatures from the previous window
Try to set them up to match the directions that will be ghost up, bat right, spider down, witch left. Now open the drawer and get pliers and 5th Bat.

Go back then move to the right at one time.
Find and get a new Bat from the cactus Just move the photo above the gravestone in order to get 7th Bat and ghost catcher.

Try to carve the pumpkins the knife knife.
Then note the shapes of the eyes that will be triangle, square, circle, star.

Go to the right and click the right cushion to get 8th Bat.
Get meteorite below the cage
Now find and get the sword from the wall.

Zoom in on the skeleton.
Use the sword to get the cross Look at the lamp then take a new bat from the lamp which is at the back of the skeleton.

Go to the right to find and get some candy from the bowl under the mirror.
Now get a new bat from the jack-o-lantern.

Go to the right again.
Zoom in on the coffin and use the code from the pumpkins that will be triangle, square, circle, star.
Now you will have Bat 11 from there and a vampire that can be weakened with the cross.

Go back to the right and put the ghost catcher on the X under the desk and wait till the ghost comes up then get it.
Open the left drawer to get a new Bat plus a key.
Get the bone saw from the right drawer.

The scroll for the Escape Potion try to take the jar in the middle that is in the eye of Newt to have the ingredients.
Go back twice to the right. Open the door with the key to get a new Bat and a Reaper there will leave a jar of toad essence, so take it.

Go to the right and use the saw on the skeletons hand.
Go to the right three times to open the middle drawer with the code that will be number of lanterns, cats, skulls and spiders so the code is 9476.
Find and take a mallet from there and a stake.

Go to the left and use the new items to kill the vampire, then get his fangs with the pliers you already have.
The hint code is BEFITS that is written with caps, meaning that this is the correct order.

So make the potion using the ingredients in the following order that will be Bones or skeleton hand, Eye of Newt, Fangs, Iron meteorite, Toad essence and Spider.
After doing so you will get the key Now use that key on the doors twice to the left. You will see a vampire there then give him candy to exit the door

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