Health Coins Cheats Fury of the Gods iPhone

In fury of the god game, you can get more coins when successfully accomplishing every level attempt.
For such reasons, you must try to complete them as fast as possible in order to earn more coins currency

fury of the gods walkthrough

Select among three different Greek gods including Zeus, Poseidon and Hades
And you will have to deal with waves of tricky peasant revolt coming to each God’s particular temple island
So all you have to do is to smite them furiously before they enter the temple and start destroying it.

As to defend your own temple you have to send a series of special attacks to them with your ultimate powers you have
You can use meteor strikes to knock huge chunks of health out of people
Moreover you can use lightning strike to inflict single-target damage.

You will just send your almighty finger plummeting down on your disloyal subjects with tapping the screen on it. So tap furiously to pummel them with using your godly powers, or enlisting the help of mythological monsters to send them to the underworld

However you have to notice at the left of the screen that when you attack with your mighty power a power meter continually fills up so that the more powerful the attack you will need more energy to spend in order to use it.

The timing use of your energy will be critical if you have survive the entire onslaught
Besides you will have to place powerful minions on the island to hold the threat at bay.

Before spending precious coins on defensive krakens and gorgons, you can place strategically across each island as a point of last defense while you start chipping away at the new invading packs.

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