Health Gun Ammo Cheats Hardboiled iOS

Game Dev Team presents Hardboiled, a turn based, strategy RPG where you will have to survive in the abandoned towns and cities.
Here, you play as Max, a wanderer in a world ravaged by nuclear war.

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Along the game, you are armed with makeshift weapons and equipment, your mission is to explore the devastated town in search of items you need to progress in the game.

Explore and interact with locals, then change into turn-based attack strategy when you enter battle mode.
Choose to build up a good or bad reputation, and as you progress through the game you learn quickly that this reputation unlocks many areas and characters you need to succeed.

Note that if you attack an innocent homeless person to gain her belongings but by doing this, your reputation will decrease dramatically and the guards will not hesitate to kill you on the spot.

Target different parts of the body while fighting an opponent in order to achieve a range of goals from disarming your opponent by shooting their hands, or wreaking more severe damage by targeting the head.

Utilize a variety of objects that are all around the city
Make sure to protect yourself from the effects of greater damage to successfully defeat opponents.
Do not forget to equip body armor to sustain a certain level of injury.

When getting into a fight, the enemies and their friends will follow you across the whole map incessantly.
For such reasons, try to get rid of them with any means necessary

There is just a town with some wastelands surrounding where you can complete the game story around 8-10 hours
In this game, quests would be a welcomed inclusion as would Joystick controls and an explanation of the map icons.

Always remember to not care about reputation, go after scavengers.
Use your knife and if they have a gun, try to disarm them as they have a ton of gear and other items you can use to trade.
Build up your experience with lone bandits and animals in the nature areas
Be sure to carry on a decent gun first and carry a grenade to disband multiple attackers which are frequent.
Use the revolver or biretta, you can dump or trade the rest.

Always watch and learn the enemy movement
Then, when you can get one alone try to move close enough to begin the fight.
Be sure not to attack more than one person at a time, the turn based fighting gives their friends plenty of time to come over and join in
Thus try to get your victim as alone as possible before you engage.
Do not open the container next to the Hunter, some things are best left alone.

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