Hearts Coins Cheats Incredible Jack iPhone

In incrdible jack game, you can earn more coins by smashing blocks from below with his head and eliminating your enemies by just jumping over them
Then you can use them to purchase extra heart slots and more air when swimming in water

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Once collecting coins in this game, you can purchase power-ups and consumable items to make your progress as easy as you hope.
On the other hand, most of the coins you need to collect are based on the gravitational pull, in which you will often lose some amount that falls outside of your view.

And you can destroy the enemies easily, just by jumping on top of them one or two times while hitting various blocks to get coins and power-ups as well.

You play as an father whose children, along with their plentiful mother, got kidnapped by demons.
But, when his children got kidnapped, they dropped gold from their kidnappers’ sacks, so that you can follow them by the golden trail as your guidance.

In doing your actions, you just control your hero’s movement by swiping left and right arrows, as well as a jump button
On the way of finding the children, you will do everything like throwing explosive barrels to the heads of your enemies, and various rocks that can clear the way for you, and even matrasses that you can push around an area that will make you jump to great heights on the air.

Some inanimate obstacles, like the same explosive barrels will hurt you just as well as your enemies, spikes, and water as well.
Meanwhile you can withstand three hits, with three lives at your disposal, which you can refill by picking up hearts throughout the levels.

In order to survive when submerging in the water you can purchase more air with coins
However if you do not crawl out of it in less than three seconds it will be the end of the game for you.

Use magnet power ups after you pick them up as it will only work for a limited time
When having a jump on explosive barrels, they will only detonate after two seconds, but if they fall from a height, they explode in a quick time.
Always stay alert of a couple of well-hidden secrets in each level as some of them can only be reached from certain parts of the level.

As you stomp, jump, and propeller hat your way through each stage you will meet all manner of enemies to overcome, then solve a light puzzle to find a round boulder and push it onto a giant, glowing button on the ground
When fighting against the bosses in each stage, you can dodge the attack and jump on the head to beat them without losing a single heart

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