Hearts Coins Stars Cheats in GolfStar iPhone

In golfstar game, you can get more rewards such as gp or hearts, xp and stars
Here, you can directly earn 10 stars everytime you register with Com2uS Hub.

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Moreover you can get more 10 stars by writing a review that will be given one prize per account.
Then try to get Stars from Quests, Trophies, and playing this game daily.

Hearts or GP is the main item that you have to collect so you can have those hearts as a bonus by finishing every hole on the Practice Field.
Just brag to your friends when hitting a hole-in-one in order to get free Hearts.

On the other side you can earn more Hearts by completing quests and achievements during playing the match.
To add your hearts point you can get 20 Hearts via Facebook invitations in which it will be reset every 10 days.

If you have an Unlimited Hearts item from the Starter Package Bonus Slots you can use it without spending Hearts.
In addition finishing three holes will give you a chance of earning XP as a reward.

Item will be categorized in classes namely Regular, Advanced, Rare, Unique and Legend.
When you Power-up an item you will automatically use your power ups supplements such as Discount, Lucky Pass, Free Pass.

And Power-up Lucky Passes will increase your stats when you Power-up.
Then for every hole you take you will automatically use one VIP Pass.

Everytime you add 20 and 50 friends you will have a chance of receiving some rewards.
Afterward you can check your Inbox for rewards coming at you as bonus.
Note that every reward in this game will be automatically deleted after six days.

Meanwhile your stats will be obtained by changing a character remain even if the character changes further so the more outfits you get the more your stats increases
However your stats will be automatically set until you reach level 20 in this game.

Try adjusting the point accurately where the ball will fall by touching the empty space on the screen.
And the flag mark on the power gauge will give you a good estimate of the power needed to reach the hole.

But if you equip a new club you can take more accurate shorts while equipping a club with a long driving distance will expand the Control Area.
Level-up and get your victory of playing one-on-one matches in these game modes available to play.

Try your golf skills in Training Mode first and friend ranking score will have bonus points based on the course you take and tee in the beginning of a round.

Career Mode can also be said as single player mode with quests and competitions with NPCs in tournaments.
Match Mode will allow player to compete against other golfers around the globe online.

In Competition Mode, you can invite your friends to be your rival in the competition.
You can also play against up to 10 players online in a real-time competition in 10 Player Competition Mode
Note that you must be Level 11 to play in 10-Player Mode

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