Hearts Coins Stars Cheats in Grumpy Bear iPhone

In grumpy bear game, you will be tasked to defend your girl while collecting some coins cash
Before going to another round you will have to complete three objectives.

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After getting these tasks completed successfully, you will get bonus experience points, earn some extra cash, and unlock a new enemy bear type.
On the other side you will also level up automatically after completing these tasks

Furthermore you have to accomplish the main goal of protecting your truck and your honey when being pursued by gangs of angry bears on motor cycles and armored trucks.

So you must defend your truck for as long as possible with using a wide array of weapons to have your girl save.

Once getting enough coins from each task, you have to buy a large number of different weapons, with their own unique strengths and weaknesses each of them.

So just use sticks of dynamite, grenades, wrenches, and bails of hay to complete your mission of protecting your truck and your girl.

Some special weapons will be available like burning bails of hay or nukes that you can use to overcome your enemies during your ride.

You will be equipped with three hearts in each round, and you have to keep your hearts in one piece every time a bear gang manages to jump on the truck and attack you, causing you to lose one of your hearts.
Therefore you can use to try to knock them away to defend your honey and truck as well.

In addition all you have to do is just swipe and slide your finger up on the screen to determine the direction you throw your weapon

Note that if you swipe the screen any longer you will make long shoot at the bears gang coming after your truck.

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