Hearts Dream Orbs Cheats Dream Chaser iPhone

In dream chaser game, you are assigned to get more hearts through with playing in story mode
Here, you play as a young night spirit named Nito who is provided with a limited amount of attempts at the story mode while collecting three hearts within every eight hours and twelve hearts redeemed with dreams.

dream chaser hints

However Story Mode needs the use of the heart system so use heart wisely and wait for more hearts to continue in Story Mode.
In this game you will be given an infinite tunnel to run through while avoiding obstacles and collecting orbs called dreams in which those dreams can be used to get more hearts.

In addition collecting dream orbs, accelerating around obstacles and leaping over pitfalls will be your main objective running through new world.
When heading any obstacle you can either strafe an obstacle or slow down temporarily to jump over the obstacle while grabbing dreams to do some upgrades used in Endless Mode later on.

Just set out on an epic quest to restore the Tower of Dreams and restore the two Gemini crystals of the Gemini Spirits power of the tower of dreams.
So you have to guide Nito to use his armour to survive in the dangerous run in order to get back the crystals and return the four guardians.

Meanwhile the use of Dream Gates will allow players to accomplish their respective goals in an expedient fashion.
You have also try learning to avoid blockades while running as fast as possible in Story Mode so you will master it and use what you have learnt in endless mode

Try to dash through strings of dream orbs to boost even faster and use tilt controls to avoid obstacles that threaten to bring Nito’s journey.
For such reason upgrade Nito with power-ups, costumes and breeze through checkpoints in Endless mode.

In order to run faster, simply double tap the left side of their device while gathering these numerous dream orbs along the way.
Then try to tap the right side of the screen to have your hero jump over pitfalls and other obstacles.
Now just tilt your device to make him move side to side.

Once earning enough money try to purchase upgrades for having the Destroyer as power ups to destroy everything in your path, save the dream orbs, and gives you a clear running path at least for a few seconds.

Tapping on the left half of the screen will enable the boost mode
Tapping on the right hand of the screen will make Nito jump.

Make sure not to jump at the wrong time over a pit and landing in a specific spot will result in Nito falling through the wall of the pit and endlessly fall through the world.

There will be only two levels in the game that are a claustrophobic purple canyon and a slightly wider canyon with cherry blossoms planted on the side.
Your hero will be armed with over 75 Game Center achievements to accomplish and upgrade store with Dream Chaser that is the mainly way to get hearts.

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