Carats Cheats Hello Hero for iPhone

Hello Hero is a turn-based battle game mixes in collectable cards, team building, social elements with some truly unusual characters like a banjo-playing cactus knights, wizards, archers etc.

hello hero tips

In this game, you will be allowed to choose heroes which have unique abilities and attacks with multiple special effects in that you can queue up these special effects automatically when the cooldown has ended.

On the other side, some heroes such as the typical knight to a cactus playing a guitar that will be fairly expendable
Anyway, if you have rare heroes with two, three and four stars, you will have more powerful team.

So if you get a rare hero, replace one of your common heroes and then go back to older stages for some easy experience points, so that you can bring it up to speed and power it up quickly.

When battling with any opponent in the battlefield, consider to put the high defense or hit point heroes in the front two slots, while leaving the back three slots for the other heroes.

For further, your hero can be equipped with one weapon and one armor, which can be earned either by packs purchased with honor points or simply by picking up items that are dropped in battle in which you can use them all to equip your heroes.

To make your heroes stronger, you can use your spare heroes to upgrade them that you want to keep around
Note that each upgrade increases the percentage of a hero’s stats, so the higher level your heroes, the more the upgrade will be worth.

After going through some battles, your heroes will level up
In line with this, you can look out for extra new functional areas that you can unlock, such as PvP and time attack mode.

And, you can unlock the ability to finish it automatically, then try to make the battle go by at 2x the speed in which it will still allow you to use special attacks to get an edge in the battle zone.

Every time you play the game, you will earn loads of rewards, so keep checking your messages to collect all of the rewards and check the quests menu if you do not know what to do next, or lost, or just bored.

In addition, if you want to earn carats quickly, you must complete the quests for quick carats.
For such reasons, you will have to fight in the arena as often as possible, because each win increases your rankings
Thus, try to put your heroes on higher rank at the end of the set period of time, as you will get more carats by winning in the arena.

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