Hero Maps Cheats Era Deluxe iPhone

In era deluxe game, you must lead your units to the battle based on the maps that are given to you as a guide
Here, you play as a commander to command 4 hero units with 11 abilities and 3 special skills to defeat all enemies in the battle

era deluxe guides

Thus direct the Hero wherever you want, then use abilities to control the battle.
Once completing each campaign, your hero will level up and unlock more and more seriously powerful abilities that will be needed for further missions.

During the play, you will have been going through 40 Levels including in an epic finale in Campaign
Meanwhile, you will level up your hero through 45 Levels in Challenge and 9 Levels in Endless mode

In Challenge mode you will encounter and extreme and intense levels that bring gameplay to a whole new level
And in Endless mode, you will fight against wave of enemies and compete with players all over the world through Game Center leaderboard.

In addition, there will be even more levels for the existing maps in Challenge Mode, new abilities and an overall more balanced “casual” Campaign mode.
You will also get more powerful abilities of the Dark Leader and improve level design in Endless Mode as well.

Your hero will be as a commander to lead your units to have a fight in Dark Forest on planets of G581, and continue to the Glacial and mysterious Mayan
Afterward, your units will extremely battle with relentless enemies in a total of 8 series

Equipped with unique abilities, your units will have an objective to help the interplanetary immigrants from Nuna planet defend the energy source against the evil creatures.
So upgrade your forces and hero units to conquer the Space Ships and Submarine of enemies in this game.

In the journey of helping Nuna planet, you will involve in battling with a variety of 100 Enemies along the way
Moreover, some of 30 unique of them have their own skills that will be ready to attack your units anytime.
On the other side, you will be tasked to discover 8 Space Ships and Submarine, and secret creatures in that planet

As making progress through each level, you will have an intense Boss fights such as in 6 Bosses and an Ultimate Mega-Boss that need your attention in how to beat those bosses with all your abilities and skills you have got

There will be 10 Forces that you will be under your command with 10 advanced abilities for them to defense through the battle.
Once having a tough battle, you have to do a solid upgrading, and unlock special ability in which it will significantly help you fight against all sorts of enemies during playing this game.

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