More Rubies Cheats in Heroes of Atlan iPhone

When playing heroes of atlan game, you must try to add more friends to earn you more rubies or diamonds, the main currency of this game where you will find them throughout the game

heroes of atlan tips

Therefore, all you will have to do is to log in with Facebook in order to add friends or you can go to “Find Friends” after logging in, and the game will pop up a random list of friends for you to add.
Asa a result, you will automatically get free diamonds and free energy for all of the friends you have.

Before going on your way to do some quests, you should make sure that your troops are equipped with as much gear as possible so that you can power up your heroes quickly
Afterwards, temper the gear to strengthen it to a level equal to the character’s level.

Besides, you have to get more troops to increase your squad
Because of this, try to recruit them in the pub, but you are limited based on your overall experience level as well as your fame.

In order to gain experience levels in this game is to complete the quests both main quests and the side quests given by this game.
Therefore, if you can you complete them in quick time, you will gain levels quickly.

Moreover, for your character to gain levels quickly, simply go to any old level that you have already beaten, and start a battle in the hardest level that you have been beaten to get higher rewards.
Then, you can tap skip button to finish the battle immediately and gain your rewards either gold or gems as the currencies of this game.

At this point, you may tap on any segment of the menu screen that glows and flashes to get whatever rewards that you have earned including getting energy as well.

In addition, getting involved in the fight in the arena will earn you more fame, which will allow you to get higher-tier heroes from the pub.
In line with this, in order to win in the arena, you can try to go after the players that have the lowest experience level.

According to this, if they are in lower level, their characters are weaker.
Thus, try to refresh as soon as you beat all of the easy opponents as this will gain you fame fast.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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