Medals Gems Cheats Heroes of Camelot for iPhone

In order to earn more rewards such as gems, gold, xp and more in heroes of camelot game, you must take part in the combat challenge
Getting involved in several days’ worth of combat challenges in arena will give you a chance of collecting special rewards like medals.

heroes of camelot tips

So the more Might you earn through battles, the more you win to get some bonuses
Gems is the premium currency of this game that you can use to buy special items like energy-restoring potions, Arena Tickets, and more.

Besides that, you can summon charms that can be earned through quests to summon more cards to add to your team or enhance them to be the most powerful one.

In the way of collecting rewards, you will start your journey in the quest in which you will be brought to explore the map and complete simple quests to earn experience, gold, and more cards.
In order to gather some gold cash, you can sell the cards that you do not want to be exchanged for gold

Once on the world map, just can tap on any of the highlighted or unlocked zones to accomplish a series of quests so that you can unlock more zones on the map and earn some goodies along the way.
Each zone will provide a series of smaller areas to explore, in that you will need a set amount of Stamina every time you do the exploration.

When exploring each of these areas, you can find one-time bonus rewards that can be brought if you have collected each card in a zone.
Moreover, if you get stuck on a quest when having a fight on your hands and not enough Mana to carry on, you can revisit earlier quests in order to complete for second attempt.

As a result, your experience pint will increase and you can sometimes earn small Stamina or Mana refills as well.
In addition, you will also be given with a bundle of rewards if you have gathered all the cards in a Zone.

Once collecting some cards, you can upgrade them, enhance your keepers with throwaway cards and evolve duplicates into stronger forms.
In accordance with the summoning of the cards, you can combine two of the same card to evolve it into a stronger form, or sacrifice the unused cards in order to make one to be more powerful.
Furthermore, the result when evolving cards will be increased when fusing two enhanced cards.

One thing when evolving the cards is that you should fully enhance them before you evolve so that you can maximize your card stats.
In order to do so, you can enhance and combine two Tier 1s, then enhance and combine two Tier 2s, etc.

Having some battles will level up your heroes so that you will be able to unlock more features such as a second and third team for your party, access to the Arena, and the ability to increase your Mana and Stamina totals with each successive level.

When having the quests, every of the three teams in your Party will consist of up to four cards.
In line with this, the attack and health values of each set of four will be added in to a team’s total, and the total of those teams will add up to an overall Deck Rank.

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