Magic Crystals Cheats Heroes of Frontier RPG for iPhone

Heroes of Frontier RPG is a traditional RPG fare game, you will be brought to turn based battles, special attacks, and elemental strategy in that you will also have a party in the battle for victory.

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Furthermore, you will be allowed to have the main units that you can send them in battle
Moreover, you can also use monsters that you capture after each battle so that will be helped to handle some enemies along the game.

Later on, you will have to keep them in your battle party
For further, as making some progresses throughout the game, you will gain the experience and also bonus EXP that allow you to focus training on one specific party member if you choose.
On the other side, they can also be sold for extra gold in exchange.

With that extra gold you have collected along the game, you can put them to use upgrading your party members’ equipment.
Doing so will increase either their attack and defense, or their magic attack and magic defense, depending on what type of party member
For example magic members can increase attack and defense, melee and ranged members will increase in attack and defense.

After going through some missions, doing some upgrades will be a must in which you have to evolve your hero into different classes, Wizard, Ninja, Dark Knight, Paladin.
Every class of them will provide its own abilities so that you can strengthen your team and fight back against the dark lord and other players around the world.

At that point, using different skill and ability combos will make highly dynamic battles and using elemental will also give you advantage.
Blue beats red
Red beats yellow
Yellow beats blue

Besides that, be sure to keep a good mix of party members, especially for magic party members whereby melee and ranged attacks are not influenced by those elements.
In accordance with this, you can keep mages of all colors around for this purpose.

When going for picking a helper, make sure to pick the highest level character possible, then swap them in at the beginning of the fight as they will deliver their special attack hits all enemies at once.

Therefore, you will be able to beat half of the battles in the stage in one hit.
Afterward, you can load up on special attack crystals for your helper by adding two other party members of the same element before the battle.

Using your reputation points and your magic crystals will be a mean to summon more characters.
And spending five magic crystals will earn you one rare summon

Because of this, you have to save your magic crystals at all cost, because you will need them to build a super rare unit for your army
This circumstance will be an important element that determine your victory in the battle as well.

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