How to Earn Extra Gold in Heroes War for Neo Stones iPhone

In heroes war rpg com2us game, you must try to complete each quest and mission to get more gold
This game is also featuring numerous characters with each has different powers

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Thus your goal is to upload their level and fight for the stones and gold as these items are the main currency of this game.
In the beginning of the game, you will have to learn about each of your your heroes’ stories from special missions and discover the identity of your enemies with Sylvia

This game also will allow you to evolve your heroes and team up with friends to defeat some dungeons and to get Gold from battles
In order to collect some gold and neo stones, you have to complete dozens of different quests available in this game.

Together with your friends, you will go hunting enormous monsters and you can also challenge your friend or another player to get a high score or to jump up the rankings
During in the mission, you can have a chance of getting the special equipment you need for harder battles

Before starting any battle, you must train your heroes to get more experiences and level them up in that they have to focus on the training then assemble heroes that are free for battles.

Moreover, you will be also prompted to recruit new heroes to your team so that you will be stronger with more team you have
In order to give your heroes some extra boosters, you can power up or equip great items for them

Heroes’ attack timing and enemies’ HP recovery will rely on their Attack Speed whereby a hero with a fast attack speed will have more chances to attack.

And simply select a skill after your hero has been ready for an attack
On the other side, your heroes will need MP to use skills and each skill has a cool-down when using them more frequent.

Note that every hero in this game will have different skills, so assemble your teams wisely for good combinations in the battlefield.
You can also use Recovery Pills and Revival Potions for your heroes to have more power and to survive in any battle condition

Legendary equipment is the best in the game but it will be hard to get from dungeons
In accordance with this, you can find equipment with lower level requirements compared to equipment from dungeons in the shop.

High-level equipment will be bound to heroes and once this equipment is equipped, you have to choose the right hero when you buy new equipment
You recruit your heroes then focus them on training before going to involve in the battle online among other players

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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