Big Space Cheats Hexiled on iPhone

Hexiled is like a word game along the lines of Scrabble, where you will work your way out of a universal grid of letters by forming together words of three letters or more.

Hexiled Tips

As you take out letters, you will be able to open up a galactic space, so that you will be easier to get around the board and you will notice what else needs to be removed within the time limit at the corner.

Later on this game, you will have to chain together letters to form words in a Hexic-style playfield, removing them in the process.
On the other words, you will have to remove more letters in order to completing the current round, so that you can start a new one easily.

Along the game, you can not just remove any words on the board in which there has to be at least one letter that is tied in with one of the open spaces on the board, so you can increase its ratio.
Meanwhile, you can use words with darker letters on the board, but they need to be between four and six letters in all or they will not eliminate.

Hexabombs are weirdly shaped letter pieces that often come up on the board.
In line with this, if you can tie a word in with these, you can blast a big space of letters wide open

Doing so will make it that much easier to access other ones and create new words.
So make sure you use Hexabombs frequently, as they will be your main weapon to blast a big space

The first mode you need to play is Escape.
In this mode, you will work your way out of a huge grid of letters to the far reaches of the space line. Here, you will be given 10 minutes to get there
However, there is a huge grid of letters, so keep working on it.

The second mode is Explored, a relaxed word hunt mode where you can move along at your own pace as there is no time limit to rack up a high score or hunt the longest words.

On the other side, playing in this mode will get you to unlock automatically after you play 500 rounds, or you can purchase the “Unlock Everything” option up front.

Furthermore, playing in Survive mode will make you work your way frantically through letters before you are blown to bits by lurking dangers.
Besides, you will earn time by finding words in a test of quick thinking, vocabulary and endurance
You can unlock this mode after 100 games, or you can unlock everything by making an in-app purchase.

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