High Score Cheats in One More Dash iPhone

SMG Studio has a deceptively simple game about timing wrapped in One More Dash in which this game becomes the king of two-second addiction games that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

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You tap to make a line starting with one circle then onto the next, and your objective is to do this the greatest number of times while trying to survive as long as you can.

Obviously, the diminishing part dependably happens eventually, yet you can get high scores and gather coins for some fun rewards.
There are two sorts of walls that encompass every circle.
The spiky walls will kill you the second that you touch them.
The consistent walls will bounce you off on the off chance that you hit the base of them.

On the other hand, in the event that you get the front of them as they are pivoting, they will send you flying way off the side of the stage, executing you also.

You can gather coins that you can use to buy new circle characters.
There are two buy menus.

The first changes the shading of the foundation of the level, and additionally the shades of your circle.
The second one, which can be come to by tapping the lower right catch showed by the white circle catch, adds a liveliness to your circle.

Mix any blend of these two together for an absolutely exceptional look.
Beside gathering coins in every stage, you can watch a free notice feature so as to win more coins.

Every one that you watch will procure you three free ones.
Besides, you have missions that you can finish on every stage, for example, ricocheting off of a divider four times or living for fifteen seconds, etc.

These will give both of you coins each for finishing them.
On the off chance that you need to get the highest score conceivable, quit concentrating on the coins and begin concentrating on basically getting to the following circle.
You can get a coin or two when you time it right, yet you will think that it much simpler to get more distant in every phase of this game.

When you sit on one circle the level will be over by itself.
For such reasons, just try to bounce off of a divider to reset the clock before the level is over.
You will lose a point off of the following circle, unless you have no points left in it, yet when you do this, the clock will reset on its own.

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