High Score Coins Cheats in Ball King iOS

Ball King, one-touch arcade game from Qwiboo will take you to shoot as many baskets as possible for collecting score as high as possible and earn coins to get new ball.

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In this game, you will be allowed to shoot basketballs, bowling balls, giant hearts, etc.
Remember not to miss your shot or it is game over.

Once shooting, you will get gold, undertake both challenges and time trials, and compete to see if you can get a better score than the others.

You will also get a variety of collectibles to nab as you bounce your way through.
You can also get letters, trophies to pick up, and different kinds of balls to unlock.

Just drag the aiming line to certain position to aim your shot.
To aim better is to have a line stop at a 45° angle to the top left from the hoop itself.
The farther right the hoop is, the farther down the line will stop, you can start at a 45 degree angle and change it up from there as you want to.

In order to earn a bunch of coins for free, once you lose a round, you will have a chance to watch a video for free coins.
Just try to complete the challenge mode to get coins this way as you will die far more frequently in the challenge mode, so that you will often get a chance to watch promotional videos for coins.
Keep doing this until you have some coins to purchase a new ball.

Moreover, you can also earn a free gift every so often that will consist of coins.
in the way of getting free gift far more often, just set the time ahead in the date and time settings of your phone then go back to the game after setting it ahead to circumvent the timer.
You can keep doing this anytime that you want free coins more often.

Playing with various balls will come to a different type of performance.
The shape of the ball show you how it will react to the sides of the hoop
And, different shapes will either stick to the hoop or roll off of it in different ways.

When playing in the time trial mode, try to shoot the ball as fast as you can.
At this point, when playing in the challenge mode, take your time so that you will be able to shoot them to the ring more accurate.

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