Stars Cheats Hop Truck 2 iPhone

In hop truck 2 game, you must reach a finish line in the best time in which you have to use a brake function and car-hopping capability
Here, tilting your device will angle your vehicle so that you can overcome a number of obstacles, including walls, ramps and other dangers in the game.

hop truck 2 guides

The most important things when playing this game is that you will be assigned to collect stars and make perfect landings with your truck.
In the way of earning the highest three star rating on each level, you will have to complete each track in a certain amount of time.

When trying to make a perfect jump, you can angle your vehicle to land just right after a jump.
However, if you make one wrong move, you could blow up, even from a bad landing.

At this point, try to shoot for earning a one-star rating at first in that you can do this by initially completing the track and going back and trying for a perfect run.

Managing your landings in this game will really test your skills.
According to this, be make sure when you jump and do not come off a wall that will only spin your car.

And, when being in the air, just tilt your phone to angle your vehicle so that it will land perfectly back on the road.
Note that one bad landing could flip down the side which will come to an explosion so that focus on the track while thinking of a better idea how to land perfectly.

When performing all your stunts, always remember to use your brake as speeding into each track will be to risky, especially if you have to angle for an overhead track, or clear a certain obstacle that stands in your way.

If you want to overcome any obstacle along the track, just go to the restart menu and hit the magnifying glass option to tell you the entire layout for the track, including every obstacle that stands in your way so that you can plan accordingly and earn a three-star rating on a course.

In addition, you will be allowed to taste few tracks with basic truck for free then you will be prompted to pay for additional tracks and new vehicles to for further rides

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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