How to Gain High Score in Hoppy Frog iPhone

When playing hoppy frog game, you will guide the frog while collecting flies along the path while avoiding the wrath of a hungry shark below.
One thing that you must stay alert in that if you miss one of your platforms or wait around for too long, the game will be over

hoppy frog tips

All you will do when playing this game is to catch flies perched on clouds.
In line with this, you will have to jump from platform to platform carefully.

When performing your jump, pay attention to your time as you need to jump perfectly so that you will land safely on the cloud ahead of you
At the same time, you should always keep moving when at this phase.
If you do not keep moving, the shark lurking below will dive upward and make you as a dish.

During your action, be sure to always watch for the shark’s fin as it appears to the left of the screen and will pop up when he is right below your frog.
At this point, you must try to time your jump so you are able to avoid him
And, you will add precious seconds to plan your next move.

In order to get your job done easily, you can use a parachute which allows you to get a little extra distance with your jumps.
Then when you are in the air, just tap the screen a second time to activate the parachute.
Furthermore, keep your finger held down to continue when using that parachute.

This parachute will hold you in the air so long before you sink back to Earth.
Therefore, you can use it to get across wider gaps, or move out of the shark’s wrath.

Using the Clouds will give you advantage as you will land on its surface and continue.
When doing your action, try to get your legs close enough to the cloud when jumping towards it.

Note that when you come across grey clouds, these clouds will sink quickly once you jump onto them
Thus, you can stay alert where the next cloud is located then move or risk becoming shark dish.

In addition, if seeing the edge of the next cloud ahead of any grey ones, you can use this to plan ahead of time and jump onto a moving one easily.
And remember to use your parachute in order to gain extra advantages throughout the game.

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