How to Build Superfast Ship to Win Battleship Craft iPhone

Tips to build a submarine and defense ship in this game
Try to create a heavy armored ship and place propellers facing up on the bow and stern and put one in the back.
It is because when you hit forward you will dive and go forward reverse you will surface.

Battleship Craft Cheats

Purchase torpedo tube A because there will be a glitch where they fire submerged fully.
Cover your boilers fully or the engines go dead from the update.
Take the battle at sunny sea or islands because you can see how deep you are so you do not hit the bottom and lose.

Make a fortress and delete every single weapon on all your other ships and put it on one big fortress to have more space and if you run out of space, you can easily add more blocks to make space.
Combine all your ships power as you cannot use all your ships at the same time.

Clues to build a super fast ship
Take a 200 mm armor skeleton that you have already bought.
Take all the armor only.
Replace all the armor with 600mm lightweight armor.
Add five angled boilers.
Now get 160 knots

Tricks to win in battling fortress
Use a really fast ship.
Drive fast towards the fortress, while dodging the bullets, then ram it.
Your ship will fly in the air and it will land on top of your enemy fortress.
Shoot down on the fortress to win

Guides to make a defensive and light ship
Take out the bottom of the ship and keep the outer part to make a gap at the front and still keep the cover to make your ship lighter and faster.
The ship should be larger and flatter and the deck should be less than one block away from the water.

Make the deck of the ship 600mm LW armor and the bottom should be 600mm or 400mm LW armor.
ld be Make the whole ship out of armor.
Dig a one-block deep hole wherever to put the boilers.
Cover the boliers in the hole in 600 armor after you placed them.

Keep the hole uncovered in too much armor because speed will be affected greatly.
With proper prop placing and practical gun count, you should go to 165 knots+
Use lots of amour like the thing resistance to fire arms and it should be around 1000
Use torpedoes to get damage and lots of toughness
Replace all of your 1x1x1 block with lightweight armor, and cover your boiler also.

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