How to Collect Golds in Legendary Warriors iPhone

If you are the one who like playing any rpg on mobile, you may have to taste Legendary Warriors developed by Oink Games that you can play on ios and android phones

legendary warriors strategy ios android

Along the game, you will merely go through some quests while battling with enemies for golds
Besides, you will also have to unlock new characters to be your friends when exploring each area on a quest

Here, you will also be equipped with mana, souls and stones that will really help you beat any enemy in the quests

When battling with enemies, you will simply tap the go button for your hero then use skills toward enemies
You can also heal your heroes when battling with enemies in a quest
During in the battle, you can swap any unit with low health points with another unit with full stamina.

Later on, you will have to upgrade your heroes and level them up with coins, mana and exp orbs that will usually appear in most of the unlocked chests after each battle with enemies.

For further, you must ascend them with the souls so that your heroes will get a much big boost
Always bring heroes with the best stats only when going to battle in the quest
Besides, you can also keep some heroes with a specific special skill such as splash damage in your party

When battling enemies, be sure to put hero with high health stamina in the front line
You can then put your standard melee hero in the middle line
And, you can put your flying guys or ranged heroes, or any hero with low defense, healers in the back of the party since they can heal the other heroes from long distant.

In addition, you will have to collect gold coins, which is as the premium currency in this game
Every time, you get your victory in the battle, you will be rewarded with a bunch of coins as reward
With these coins, you can upgrade your heroes to the next level and purchase any items needed in the game

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