Bonus Quest in Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas iPhone

Tips to get bonus quest in pirates of the caribbean master of the seas game on ios android
After completing all the quests and the flags are in white you will get a new flag added to the Island.

Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas for iPhone

Tap on this to see a bonus quest.
It is usually quite expensive to complete as it needs 25 energy points per turn.
These are optional quests with very lucrative rewards if you complete them.

How to complete a quest in this game
Once you tap on a dark gold flag on an island you will be taken to a quest screen.
There will be an energy requirement as well as a crew requirement on that screen and you may also be requested to purchase items such as amulets or weapons before you can proceed.

Once you finished all the prerequisites to the quest tap on the Do Quest button.
You will be given a task that is a three part multiple choice question.
Tap on your answer and then submit it.

There is one absolute wrong answer and if you choose that it will say Try again
If you get the second best answer you will see Almost and will have to try again.

The correct answer will say Good Job Matey.
Note you will need to fill up the mastery progress bar at the top right in order to master this quest and turn the dark gold flag white.

Each time you return to the first screen keep tapping on Do Quest and spend the energy required until you fill up the meter.
You will see the Quest Successful screen after each attempt at increasing your mastery.
Just keep tapping on Done when you see this screen.

If you run out of energy you can exit this quest and battle other ships and look for gold in the sea and hidden treasure chests to earn more gold or you can leave the game and come back when your energy is restored which may take half an hour or more depending on your level and energy maximum.

Keep completing quests on all twenty islands until all the flags are white and all quests are mastered ultimately. This will make you Master of the Island for this location.

How to assign bonus skills points in this game
Each time you level up in the game you get a reward of five bonus skill points.
You can assign these to any of the five categories of skill for your ship and crew.
Tap on the plus sign to add points, then tap on Done to save your changes.

You can put the points in any way you want.
You can increase defense by all five points or give one point to each category each time you level up.
It is up to you what strategy you choose to use.

Note that adding these points to a category will increase its maximum capacity.
For example if you have a maximum of 25 energy and earn five skill points you could give them all to the Energy category and now you can hold a maximum of 30 energy points which could help you do a few more quests.
It is up to you how you want to allocate your points.

The categories you can assign points to are:

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