How to Get Coins for Rare Agents in James Bond World of Espionage iPhone

Glu Games has officially launched their newest game, James Bond World of Espionage or Bond WoE 007 on the ios and android platforms

james bond woe walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be the agent 007 where you will get involved into the action-packed multiplayer strategy RPG on mobile

Here, you will be able to seduce beautiful allies, drive popular brand of cars and beat foul villains, then solve classic missions and build your agency branch to take on the coveted role of M, the head of MI6 HQ in London

Along the game, you will also be ale to search, recruit and develop top agents with unique talents.
It is your duty to level them up through training process that will increase their skills
Then, you can combine them with other agents on the team to take advantage of each agent’s ability.

In line with this, you can also select from four different specializations for your Agency, with only one Specialization active at a time.

Commando specializes in single target damage
Their counters are technician

Technician specializes in supporting Allies
Their counters are spy

Spy specializes in critical hits
Their counters are security

Security specializes in absorbing damage
Their counters are commando

Later on, you must upgrade your Specialization Powers to be more powerful as your specialization will be handy for Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.

Every specialization will have some unique powers which must be unlocked and upgraded to be stronger that will be handy to beat your enemies or help your Allies.

You can unlock these powers with sufficient specialization experience from engaging in Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.

Later on, you will be able to get new powers with specialization coins that you can get through Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.

As said earlier, you will be able to recruit new agent which is based on on the following criteria
Attributes includes offense and defense
Experience level will determine greater attributes in which you must assign your agent to the Operative slot in your Field Team

Your agents will also comes along with the rarities such as common, uncommon, rare, and legendary
Also, your agents will have a rank and talents or special abilities that you can activate when the agent is assigned to your Field Team.

Their talents will give a wide range of bonuses and some talents will help you complete mission
Thus, learning your agents` talents will help you compose an optimal field team which complements your play style and the goals of your agency

For further, you will get to train your agents to increase their rank and improve their base attributes and maximum experience level.

When training them, you must have at least one additional copy of the Agent’s Dossier in the same rank to be combined with the two Dossiers into one with increased rank.
As an illustration, if you have two Agent A’s Dossiers of Rank 1 after the training, you will lose both Dossiers then you will get a new Agent A’s Dossier of Rank 2.

Furthermore, you must increase the rank to get two Agent A’s Dossiers of Rank 2 then keep doing the process until their rank reaches 9 level.

You will then go for agent`s evolution with three agents of the same rank and rarity type
Plus, you must have a special item called Enhancer of the proper rarity to go for the agent`s evolution
You can get these enhancers in Special Assignments, Villain confrontations, and other rewards.

At this point, the agents you are using to evolve the Agent are consumed, but the rank of the primary agent will increase into higher one.

Early on the game, you will play in free pack, then you will play in initiate, handler, agent of influence, provocateur and spymaster pack that you can access them from the iap store

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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