How to Get High Score PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX iPhone

Screwing up Pac-Man Championship Edition DX from Namco Bandai is a wacky free-to-play game which shifts every time you clear one side of dots, so that it will cause the other side to change after you eat the fruit that comes up on it.

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Here, you can get point bonuses once eating up to 8 ghosts in a row, with 3200 point bonuses for the 8th ghost and more.

So, just try to eat dozens of ghosts at once, especially for some ghosts that have power pellets that can only be had by eating them.

Also, you have one life for your playthrough and you will be equipped with have bombs that will help you solve to deal with near ghosts in sticky situations

Early on the game, you can play in the time trials where you have to complete maze segments in less than the allotted time.

Playing in half mode will throw a bunch of challenging time trials your way based on solving one half-maze, but it will come along with difficult ghost patterns.

Darkness mode will provide 5-minute time trials for each maze
There, you will see the walls in your immediate vicinity, along with the ghosts and pellets, in which you will know the mazes and know where everything is on the fly.
And, playing in free mode will let you create your own scenarios to practice to.

On the other side, you can try to make ghost chains by getting close to ghosts to anger them
In the mean time, you can have the chain pick them up as they go nearby.

In a Ghost Combo mode, it will give you an interesting to play as you do not just have static ghosts to pick up, but you have to earn your chains.
To use bombs, you have to pinch it out with a pointer finger.
At the same time, you can also trigger bombs whenever you want.

So, if you can master all the game modes, you will be able to gain high score easily
In order to do so, you can try to use bombs to beat the ghosts at once that will make you get a lot of score

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