How to Get More Hearts Lives to Survive in Cally`s Cave 3 iPhone

Cally’s Caves game is the new series of Cally’s Caves 2 which is added with a compelling Ratchet & Clank-style weapon upgrade system

cally`s cave 3 walkthrough ios android

This game tell a story about Cally’s parents have been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Herbert, whereby it is your job to guide a gun- and sword-wielding heroine to save them.

Along the game, you will go through 120 levels in the game in total
You will also be equipped with 12 different weapons that can be upgraded and modified to your heart’s content.

Besides, you will also be able to use power-ups such as including a triple-jump, a roll, and a swimming ability.

Here, you can play in two new modes.
The first is New Game+, where you will play through the game again with a powered-up Cally.
And, the second one is the survival mode, where you will have to survive through 150 waves of enemies.

You can also get a chance to unlock the sniper rifle weapon by purchasing ad removal for the game.
Be sure you use checkpoint after beating a boss.
Anyway, there will be a checkpoint after every level and a few checkpoints placed in each world, which strikes a nice balance.

Be sure to carry on foods or drinks, since these items can restore your health or give you other benefits whenever you need them.

Find treasure chests hidden in out of the way places that will help boost your finances
Just try to find all of them on your first run through each stage, so you can come back to previous stages with new weapons and abilities.

Later on, you will deal with the bosses that are sometimes so hard to defeat, as you do not have much of an invincibility window after getting hit
Therefore, it is too easy for a big boss to crowd you and drain your whole life bar from one little mistake, forcing you to start the long process all over again.

Since the bosses has smaller life bars, you can beat them with your weapons in multiple times.
When dealing with boss, you can use your abilities
The roll is mapped to a simple vertical swipe on the directional arrows.

You can also have the ability to easily bring up a weapon select screen by touching and holding on the weapon change button.
When using this, just switch quickly to the weapon you want rather than cycling through all of them trying to find it.

Except abilities, you can also use a new power-up that will help you deliver a screen-clearing blast.
Hearts are your life where you can increase them with food or drinks items

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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