How to Get Treasure Chest in Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas iPhone

You will then have to find treasure inside the box glowing on the water.
At this point, you must scan firstly and take a look carefully the glowing box floating on the water

pirates carribean master of the sea walkthrough

Make sure to scan the seas frequently when being outside the island as the glowing anchors and treasure chests are laid there.
They have fallen out of other ships that you can tap on and collect gold to increase your money.

Because it is glowing it will invite enemy to grab it.
You may tap on a ship and start a battle.
But if you do not want to battle just simply tap X to get out of area

The amount of the treasure will increase when your level is up.
It will start at five coins each time you collect and increases by one coin each time when your level is up.

To collect more treasure as soon as you collect all of them go into an island view and back out.
There you will find several more treasure waiting for you to gain.

Mysterious Chest will appear just in a moment on the water if you are lucky
While in voyage you may be fortunate enough to see a large treasure chest floating in the water.
Go quickly to tap on it when seeing it
Get faster to grab it as it disappears after just a few seconds.
If you really catch it you will get a reward of a large amount of gold and treasures
But be careful if you will find out it is a trap you will be lured in by an unknown ship and you will have to do battle with it.

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