How to Get Mercenary Crew Member in Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas iPhone

In this game, hiring crew members, friends and mercenary are important to complete your mission and help you to do hard duties while using more weapons in the battle with enemies

Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas for iPhone

How to hire crew members in pirates of the caribbean master of the seas
You can hire crew members in order to use more of the weapons that you have bought to prepare for the battle in which this will make you a stronger opponent in your stats.

Just tap on the Crew button at the top left corner of the game screen above the energy meter.
Tap on Hire Crew to search crew lists and hire them
Now candidates lists will be shown and you can tap on Hire to add them to your crew.

How to hire friends in this game
If you have friends that install this game already you can search and locate them by tapping on the Friends button.
You can find them by either entering their email address or doing a search.
You can tap on their name to add them while their names show on search results.

How to hire a mercenary in this game
If you do not have friends in this game to add you also have the option of hiring a mercenary.
Twenty gems is the cost which is very expensive to hire mercenaries.
But this is the only option if you have no friends playing to help you during battle for using many weapons.

The game will randomly choose a player that you do not know to be mercenaries.
You may send them a free gift of either energy points or a weapon.
This may encourage the player to add you as a friend.
You do not have to send the gift but it is a nice gesture.
It is free and not taken from your inventory.

Notes:If you are purchasing weapons and amulets to increase your attack and defense scores you will not be able to use them until you have enough crew to use them Make sure to use your gems sparingly to have enough to purchase a mercenary crew member if needed.

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