How to Get Valuable Gear on Infinity Blade 2 iPhone

Infinity Blade 2 will take you to customize your character and explore dangerous locations, using new combat styles like two-handed and Dual Wielding to go with your standard Weapond and Shield.

Infinity Blade 2 guides

A huge game with great graphics on a small screen with a small price, this is the game your iPad and iPhone was made to play.
Join Game Front as we explore the mysterious depths and give you strategies for fighting the many enormous bosses.

Getting Infinity Gear
Play through the game until you obtain the six items needed to unlock the gates in the room with six triangles.
Once you have that equipment, restart the game in Bloodline One.

Before you fight anyone, change your gear so that you are equipped with the worst available equipment in which this is the default gear that was available when you first started the game in the castle area.

Now fight the first enemy, a ninja, and you should see that the prompt to block his attacks doesn’t display.
Let him kill you.
Once you die and the option appears, indicate that you wish to restart the game on the previous bloodline.
Since there is no previous bloodline available, the game will not recognize that you have already obtained the valuable gear.
Play again now and return to the room with the triangles for a fresh set of equipment.

Continue from there and fight to obtain the large key, then reset to Bloodline One again.
You can repeat the process as often as you like.
Each time, you will get more valuable equipment that you can sell for a bunch of gold, as well as another large key.

How to get a lot of money in this game
You know the room with a lot of small rooms with gear in it?
If you have the right items you can open the rooms.
Get those items, whatever the cost is it is worth it!
To open the doors starting on the 7 o’clock position going clockwise
Thistle- 20,050
Gelder- 362,500
Richochet- 40,000
Infinity Blade- 625,000
Halfstar- 85,000 2.
Open and take the items.
Then restart to REBIRTH

Do not accidentally restart the whole character.
Just restart to REBIRTH 1
Go there again and you can open the small rooms again and take the items.
Now that you have 2 of the items, you can sell them for a bunch of money
Restart to REBIRTH 1 again and do this over and over again.
You will have like 300 000 every time you do this.
When you have all the “Item keys” to the doors that is.
Find the right key by getting some money fair and square at first.
You should buy the one in the middle to the left key first!
And later you can buy the rest when you have the money.
And later on farm money

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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