How to Solve 100 Lights All Levels 1 to 15 iPhone

Follow these tips to finish all levels in 100 lights on ios android
Explore a house filled with challenging rooms
Turn on all the lights in each level

game 100 Lights

Either try shaking the phone or touching every part of the screen to find out the solution of each level in this game
Turn on all of the lights in this tricky and find hidden object puzzle game.
Turn on every light source on the screen to advance.
Use your mind and the unique features of your device to come up with the solution.
Remember to certain items in order to get them picked up as they will help you along the way.

Follow these 100 lights answers to pass all levels on this game successfully
100 Lights Level 1 Solution
Look at the lamp on the table
Press the lamp to get the light on.

100 Lights Level 2 Solution
Find the lamp and the switch on the room
Turn on the lamp by pressing on the switch on the wall.

100 Lights Level 3 Solution
Find and move the plant on the left
Press the switch on the lamp to turn on the light.

100 Lights Level 4 Solution
Look at the curtains and open it
Move the arrow to the left
Press on the switch to get the light on.

100 Lights Level 5 Solution
Just open the curtains once again
Turn your phone clockwise to turn on the light.

100 Lights Level 6 Solution
Find and take the torch from the left
Use the torch to light up the torch near the door in order to have the light on.

100 Lights Level 7 Solution
Tilt your phone to move the explosive near the door
Use the torch to get that explosive exploded

100 Lights Level 8 Solution
Flip your phone upside down
Open the door by just pressing it.

100 Lights Level 9 Solution
Hit the grey stone
Tap the door to open it
Use the torch to light up the fire on the wood.

100 Lights Level 10 Solution
Find the grey stones around the door
Press them from bottom left, bottom right, middle left, middle right and the top one.
Now use the torch to light up the fire wood.

100 Lights Level 11 Solution
Keep shaking your phone till having the light on.

100 Lights Level 12 Solution
And find the lightbulb there
Keep tapping quickly the lightbulb till it lights up.

100 Lights Level 13 Solution
Find and open the matchbox
Take a match then select it from your inventory
Scratch the match on the matchbox
Use it to put the matchbox on fire to light up the candle.

100 Lights Level 14 Solution
Now use the match in your inventory
Light up the candles from the smallest to the tallest to have the light on.

100 Lights Level 15 Solution
Click on any lamp to get another page forwarded.
Get back to the game to have the next level.

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