How to Pass 100 Missions Level 2 on iPhone

Tips to solve 100 mission level 2 game ios android
Here, you must complete this level to unlock the next mission

game 100 Missions all Level

Tap twice to enter the hangar, then go right.
Tap the end of the supply truck to pick up the dirty rag from the boxes.

Go to the left first then tap the back of the truck to pick up one fuel can.
Move and click the helicopter to get a chloroform jar.

Open your inventory then drag the jar over the rag.
Tap the rag then use it on the soldier.
Tap the right side of the soldier to get a key then get dogtags by tapping his neck area.

Go to the left twice then read the codes.
The dogtags said our soldier was 1stLt 24 in the Navi 2

Go to the right and tap the missile heads.
Go to the right and tap the piece of paper on the boxes.
The paper said the soldiers id is 997 with AB positive blood type.

Get the AK rifle, then go right.
Find a box in the left of the tank then tap it to take the c4 explosives.
Go to the Chems door then watch the code on the door that is 99722472

Enter the door then tap the middle locker.
Use the key to open and pick up cigarettes, lighter and car keys.

Get back and pick up the timer from the rack.
Use the C4 explosives with it to make a bomb.
Go to the left and equip the AK rifle.

Click the documents to take them from the man.
But remember there are a lot of chemical formulas there and you can slide down to see more of the document.

Go back to the car then use the car keys to open the door.
Pick up the pliers.

Click the front of the car then use the pliers on battery to get the wires.
Get back to the chemicals room then search and get the canister from the inventory and drag the canister near the chemicals.

Put the canister in the chemicals in the correct order: Pa, Sn, Cu, W, Pu23.
Move to the area with the barrels with explosives then drag the explosives over the jerrycan and drag over the wires.
Put the jerrycan near the barrels then go back quickly until you are out of the hangar

Now you have accomplished 100 mission level 2 so go to 100 mission level 3 walkthrough to unlock new mission of this game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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