Walkthrough of Infinity Blade 2 iPhone

Guides to start battle on infinity blade 2 on ios and android platforms
Follow the on-screen prompts to defeat the first foe.
Look to the left to pick up a few bags of gold before proceeding.
Tap the blue circle to walk up the path.

Infinity Blade 2 guides

Another guided battle.
This time, you will learn to dodge.
Follow the prompts to defeat the second enemy.
To the left of the door that opens afterwards, you will find another bag of gold.

Pick up a bag of gold directly beneath the enemy before the battle begins.
Time to learn to parry! Follow the prompts for an easy victory.
After the battle, look to the right for a potion.

Big Brute
The giant is a largely unguided fight, but its simple nonetheless.
Use dodges and dodge break attacks to score damage.
When the game prompts you to use a super attack, unleash it! The same goes for magic.
You will get a gem for your victory.
Equip it and head up the stairs.

After a brief conversation, the battle begins.
Dodge her fire attacks and stay out of the way of her spinning downthrust.
Keep dodging and attacking when you have the chance.
Eventually she will be defeated.
Tap the dais to continue.

Horned Wildling
Pick up a bag of coins to the right before battle.
The first enemy to show you the true nature of Infinity Blade 2s combat depth!
His attacks are normally three-pronged, with two sweeping strikes followed by a finishing smash.
Dodging them is best, but be mindful of the direction.
This enemy also employs multiple attacks in quick succession using his shield.
When he steps back, wait a moment before blocking or dodging.
Tap the triangle when the battle is complete to open a chest and get a key.
Grab a bag of coins from the top of the broken pillar, then continue forward.

Horned Demon
Off in the background to the right, pick up a bag of gold before the battle.
This brute is slow, and he communicates his attacks a little too well.
Watch for his fake-out headbutt, and stick to dodging as opposed to blocking.
During the cinema after battle, grab a coin bag off to the side.
There is another coin bag just behind you that’s obtainable as soon as the cutscene stops.
Take the treasure to the left, then unlock the chest to the right.
Tap the doors to continue.
Grab a coin bag in the background on the right when the cinema begins.

Iron Butcher
An aggressive warrior who attacks in groups of four.
Dodge and block work equally as well, and you will do well if you switch them up.

Watch for the butchers swiping attacks.
They often come from the direction you aren’t expecting.
When he steps back and looks like hes about to dual slice you, its a fakeout.
Stand your ground.
Grab the chest to the right for a gold gem.
Tap the dragon statue to proceed.
There are several sacks of gold available during the cinema and just afterwards.
Get them!
At this point, move the camera to the right and go up the small stairs to the door.

Rust Noc
In the small room up the stairs, get the gold first, then get ready for a rough battle.
Tap the chest and an enemy leaps from above.
This guy swing hard, and he has a good defense.
If you’re good with parries, use them as often as you can. This is a good fight to be aggressive with.
His attacks are usually grouped into fours, often starting with two down swipes followed by two more swinging hits.
The swinging hit that starts from the ground can only be dodged if you move away from it, not towards it like most side swipes.
Because you’re likely to be at a much lower level than this guy, play smart and avoid taking damage. When you win, you’ll get a sack full of cash.
Back in the courtyard, then go to behind the statue to the next battle.

Horned Stalker
A simple battle after the Rust Noc, the Horned Stalker wields a double-sided staff and likes to swipe attack.
Stay on the offensive, use spells and parries and you’ll make quick work of him.3. Grab some gold after the battle just to your left, then enter the door.

Iron Sentinel
A big brute that likes to swing his pointy mace around.
This guys got a few combo attacks that are real killers.
As always, side swipes that start from the ground must be dodged in the direction they’re traveling.
Watch for these, as the sentinel pulls them off constantly.
Headbutts are a quick and dirty attack he likes to pull off. Dodge out of their way.
Go straight forward after the battle, as the other pathways are currently locked.

A straightforward battle with an opponent who doesn’t offer up much of a challenge.
Dodge his three-tiered attacks and strike back when you’ve got the chance.
After he takes some damage, watch for a flurry of attacks, including a few quick shield blows.
Magic works well against this creep, even if you haven’t leveled up the skill very much.
Afterwards, head through the hall to the top of the tower.

Surprisingly predictable for such a high level enemy, you can possibly defeat Thane during your first go.
If not, you’ll start back at the entrance for another go, something the game calls rebirths.
If you are reborn, the enemies are tougher, but the loot is better.
To fight Thane successfully, avoid him at all costs.
He likes multiple quick attacks, but since he communicates them well, the battle isn’t all that rough if your equipment is up to the task.
When he steps back and forms a sheet of ice, be prepared to dodge an ice attack.
If you fall, fight back to the tower and face Thane again.
If you win, you’re reborn and can begin your quest to activate all three runes, each guarded by a fierce blood sentinel.

Blood Sentinel 1
From your rebirth, fight your way to the central plaza with the statue or fountain.
Take the door straight ahead.
Take the right side door to reach the archives room.
An unassuming titan by first appearances, the archivist quickly turns into something you would be afraid to meet in a back alley.
The archivist dual wields, but he also like to kick.
Watch his body for a backwards sway, then get ready for a foot attack.
As with any dual wielding enemy, be wary of combo attacks.
If you parry a starting move, you’ll gain a big upper hand.
After the battle, activate the rune and prepare to be reborn.

Blood Sentinel 2
From rebirth, head to the fountain plaza and take the left side door.
Pick the arena clean of gold bags, then defeat the guard on the top.
Hop down into the arena.
You’ll face an armored beast, a gigantic foe that swipes with its huge paws.
Dodge and attack just like any other titan, then head through the door.
The second blood sentinel is a huge demon with fast-moving, rapid combo attacks to match his ugliness.
His moves deal serious damage, so stay alert.
The demon uses a lot of swiping attacks in rapid succession.
Be prepared to parry or dodge, they’re much more effective than blocking.
If the demon rears back, get ready for a punch or a kick. Either can be avoided with a dodge.
After some pummeling, hell go down.
Finish the job and head up the stairs to activate the second rune.

Blood Sentinel 3
From rebirth, head back the fountain plaza and turn left.
Go through the arena and fight your way past the area where the demon was.
Take the door there.
Fight a few more simple battles and continue forward.
The mech likes to do a lot of spinning moves, but with a sharp eye you can stay one step ahead.
Its actually quite similar to the beast in the arena in fighting style.
Dodge its slashing attacks, and when it steps back for a big blow, be ready to avoid it.5. When the battle is over, activate the final rune.

Thane reborn
From your rebirth, fight back to the fountain plaza and take the door straight ahead.
Head up the stairs and right at the top of the hall.
You’ll enter Thanes tower, the same area you fought him before.
Get ready for a brand new Thane!
One common pattern Thane reborn follows is a slash followed by a shield hit followed by a huge shield attack.
Dodge left when it starts to avoid the initial flurry.
Another pattern is the hilt smash repeated twice followed by a few slashes.
Dodge to the right when they begin and you’ll be in a good position to survive.
After the battle, fall through the floor and press onward.
Thane will continue fighting, unleashing ice spells, shield bashes, kicks and more.
Defeat him as you have twice before!

Back in the Japanese castle from the beginning, the final battle is about to take place.
Defeat the pithy guards that appear first.
They’ll go down easily.
Raidriar is ruthless and constantly on the move.
He uses headbutts, kicks, and anything else he can think up.
Hes also one of the smallest foes you’ve faced, which makes him harder to watch for upcoming attacks.
Stay alert and try using parries as often as you can.
Raidriar wields a sword and shield, and his attacks reflect as such.
He isn’t as tricky as Thane, but watch for his swipe attacks and be wary of his kicks.
Avoid or block shield hits Raidriad lays on you.
The God-King will eventually fall.
Sit back and enjoy the credits, then get started on the new game plus

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