Tips Play Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas on iPhone

Here, becoming Master of the Seas is the primary object of this game.
You will have to travel twenty islands one by one as you unlock them.
There are dark gold flags on each island which represent quests.

Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas for iPhone

You must master each quest by completing it multiple times until you fill up the mastery bar.
You will have to pay with energy points each time you undertake a quest and you may have to purchase certain weapons or amulets before you can complete it.

Sometimes you are locked out and have to wait until you reach a certain level.
Each time you successfully master a quest the dark gold flag on the island will turn white and you will be known as “Master of the Island” for that particular island.

You can continue to play quests you have mastered to earn extra coins.
You must completely master every quest on all twenty islands to win the game and become “Master of the Seas”

These following screen menu will guide you to complete all your mission and show you stats of your level.
So they will be the primary factor to know well before mastering of the seas

There are two types of currency used in this game.
How to collect gold in pirates of the caribbean master of the seas
This is the basic game currency.
You can earn it by completing quests, winning battles, selling items, and level up.
You start out with 1,000 gold coins in the game start.

How to collect gems in this game
Gems are the premium game currency allowing you to purchase special items.
You can also purchase special privileges with gems such as instant refill on the energy, health or stamina meters, ship repair, high end weapon purchases and more.
You will start out with 15 gems and will earn more as you level up in the game.

How to purchase additional currency in this game
If you try to purchase something you do not have enough funds the prompt menu will appear to allow you to purchase it.
Tap on the amount you wish to purchase which ranges from 99 cents to one hundred USD.
Note that this is an in app purchase charged to your iTunes account.

How to increase energy meter in this game
The Energy Meter
It is located at the top left corner of the game screen under the crew button.
You will see a lightning bolt icon and numbers at the top indicating how much you have with the first number and the maximum you can have as the second number.
Tap on it if you wish to purchase more energy.

Energy uses/Maximum
You start out with twenty energy points and at level one twenty points is the maximum you can have.
Each time your level is up your energy maximum can be increased if you choose to use the bonus skill points you are awarded.
See “Assigning bonus skill points” on the screen.
You need energy to complete quests, do battle and collect funds from purchased properties.

Energy regenerates over time at a rate of one point every two minutes.
Look at a countdown timer under the meter.
If you have push notifications set you can leave the game and when it is fully restored it will send you a notification message.
It takes about half an hour to fully restore your energy based on what your maximum is.

Purchase Energy Refill
You can pay five gems to fill up your energy instantly.

How to increase stamina and health in this game
Look at the top center of the game screen as the stamina and health indicators are shown there.
You will have a maximum of four stamina points and ten health points to start the game.
As you level up you have the opportunity to increase the maximum amount of stamina and health points by assigning bonus skill points to those categories.
You can tap on either button to purchase a refill on health or stamina.
Please note
Stamina can be purchased with gems only
Health can be purchased with gold or gems.
A stamina refill is five gems.
The cost for health will vary based on how much you need.

How to get level up in this game
Each time you level up you will see a screen notified it.
You will be rewarded with gems, gold, an increase in your defense and attack points as well as loot for your ship.
You will also earn five skill bonus points you can apply to your attributes to increase them.
New Ships or Upgrades
Each time your level is up your ship will be upgraded to a better one with the cost applied either gold or gems.

Messages pirates of the caribbean master of the seas
Get alert of a number at the bottom right corner of the screen as now you have messages in your inbox.
You will have a message if you clear away a text that was sent to you to notify you that another ship has attacked you and you need to retaliate.
Tap on the icon with the wrench then tap on Messages to see them.
Most of these will be messages asking you to go to battle.
Be sure to clear these out frequently as they can accumulate quickly.
If you do not want to get these messages you can disable the push notifications in the game settings menu.

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